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Monday, November 29, 2010


This week flew way fast! I cant believe its the end of the transfer and its been already six weeks! We have one more week cause the last transfer was way short... we had divisions with some hermanas far away from here.. we were stuck in the middle after waiting for the train so we wandered around and talked to some people. It was fun... this week we also had our three baptisms of Veronica and her two girls! They were embarrassed to put on the white dresses... that was the first time its happened here, crazy, then we explained that everyone wears white and that they needed to focus on the symbolism and spiritual side to it. As it turned out the baptism was very spiritual her mom cried and cried after she was baptized, they are an awesome family. We also have Hector and his wife who are progressing so much!!! She and her daughter are already to be baptized!! We want him to baptize them but we have to wait and get his records from where he lived when he was little. if we find them in time before this Sunday he could receive the Melchezedeik priesthood, or if we cant he will be baptized again... but we are hoping they find them.
It has been a blast with hermana Daniels ! I really hope we are comps one more transfer! We have been SO blessed with opening Las Heras and seeing these tender mercies take place. The lord blesses those who work hard and trust in him. I feel so very blessed with the experiences I have had here.. even in one transfer! Hermana Daniels is a great missionary.... cross our fingers there is one more!!

Thanks for everything family! We had our interviews for the three that got baptized so our district leader made us brownies... haha it was a great Thanksgiving party! Today we are having our zone activity for the end of transfers.. barbeque and soccer! the usual. I love you all and thanks for everything.
have a great week in the snow!!

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