September 2009-April 2011

Monday, November 29, 2010


This week flew way fast! I cant believe its the end of the transfer and its been already six weeks! We have one more week cause the last transfer was way short... we had divisions with some hermanas far away from here.. we were stuck in the middle after waiting for the train so we wandered around and talked to some people. It was fun... this week we also had our three baptisms of Veronica and her two girls! They were embarrassed to put on the white dresses... that was the first time its happened here, crazy, then we explained that everyone wears white and that they needed to focus on the symbolism and spiritual side to it. As it turned out the baptism was very spiritual her mom cried and cried after she was baptized, they are an awesome family. We also have Hector and his wife who are progressing so much!!! She and her daughter are already to be baptized!! We want him to baptize them but we have to wait and get his records from where he lived when he was little. if we find them in time before this Sunday he could receive the Melchezedeik priesthood, or if we cant he will be baptized again... but we are hoping they find them.
It has been a blast with hermana Daniels ! I really hope we are comps one more transfer! We have been SO blessed with opening Las Heras and seeing these tender mercies take place. The lord blesses those who work hard and trust in him. I feel so very blessed with the experiences I have had here.. even in one transfer! Hermana Daniels is a great missionary.... cross our fingers there is one more!!

Thanks for everything family! We had our interviews for the three that got baptized so our district leader made us brownies... haha it was a great Thanksgiving party! Today we are having our zone activity for the end of transfers.. barbeque and soccer! the usual. I love you all and thanks for everything.
have a great week in the snow!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November 23

Sorry I didnt write you yesterday... we had a holiday and nothing was opened!! So here we are in Las Heras, we had a fun week starting with a movie night. We prepared tons of popcorn and had everything set up nicely and borrowed the projector from the offices cause we were expecting a lot of people! And they did all come!!! They all came to church on Sunday as well. Veronica and her daughters are getting excited for their baptism at the end of this week. We will be having it in Marcos Paz cause they have a nice font and we want it to be special for all of them! Veronica has a sister who is waiting to be divorced and then she can get married to the guy she is with so that she may be baptized! She has been receiving the elders for quite awhile now too. The other day we met her and their sister here in Las Heras. She wants to come to church and also see the baptism of Veronica. It is exciting to see how it spreads once someone starts sharing in the family! The Familia Miguez have been amazing at helping us with everything.. they are always willing to go with us and become friends with our investigators. It is so amazing how the members make such a HUGE difference.

We have this couple as well that the dad was baptized forever ago and stopped going but now we have been teaching the wife and daughter who all love the church and the activities. He told us it makes him happy to see his wife excited about the church! Today I received the emails of Sam’s letters and of all the missionaries in the ward. I love to think of all of them working in all parts of the country. They are good young men. So is Sam, I loved his story of the lady on the bus!

I’m grateful to work here with them and with my awesome comp! We colored her hair yesterday for the third time going lighter and lighter little by little. haha so she can get rid of the black she had before! I love you all and am so grateful for your support. I am so grateful for your help in making this decision to serve a mission. It is funny to look back at all the people that helped me truly follow what I wanted to do and what I knew was right. Happy Thanksgiving week and show your gratitude for those you love!

Monday, November 15, 2010

November 15

What a week of hotness!! Its getting warmer and warmer each day... we are sure loving the spring here cause it gets nice and cool during the night! Well this week we kicked it into to gear trying to work with the members more and focusing on those that really are progressing and... it paid off!! There are two families we are working with, a mom and her two daughters and then a mom with her mom and her daughter who is 15 that has a son, the boyfriend and the other son of the lady! They are all amazing and they were both contacts in the street! I have to say contacts are not my favorite but there has been so many miracles that have come out of contacting people! haha! Isn’t that interesting.

We had a hair party on Tuesday in Navarro and ate some postre and watched some of the video of the special witnesses. Then this week we had divisions with the hermanas from Aldo Bonzi! I went there for the fourth time. We are figuring out all the transportation here. When we meet up for our district meetings on Tuesday’s we take a train that is really bumpy- its a fun ride- and that’s what we take to go in for transfer meetings as well. Yesterday we had made pancakes for one of the families to come to church and they loved them. Pancakes here are really crepes so they aren’t used to having thick pancakes! haha but it got them excited to come to church. The mom wants to be baptized and so does her little old mom who is 81 and walks and does everything, they are great ladies. So is the other family. We have been talking about baptism in every lesson with them and we invited the mom and her two daughters to be baptized! I used to be so scared of talking about baptism what if they would reject it or think its too soon.. but through time I have grown to love challenging in a bold way, cause that is what we are here to do! Bring these people to our savior that they may really follow him and apply the atonement in their own lives!

It has been such a blessing to work here, there are so many great families. The familia Miguez especially.. they all live in the same block and all the kids are married and have kids except the youngest. They are like our Hancock family all living close by, only closer!

Monday, November 8, 2010

November 8

Hello HELLO!!
THe weeks do fly by pretty fast! This week was very eventful! It was blazing hot on Tuesday and we were headed out to Navarro. where its soooo country! We take a 40 minute bus ride out there so we brought these straw hats that some missionaries left in our pench for the blazing sun! We felt like we would blend in with the country life out there.. but little did we know it drew attention that we didn’t want. After lunch we headed out to an investigator’s house and here pulls up the cops asking us to step aside and ask some questions. It was the first time I’ve ever been pulled over like that here. So they asked who we were and we were doing and that they had a phone call that morning from someone that saw us get off the bus looking like strangers. We laughed afterwards with the cops! haha what a small town!

Then we had an amazing lesson with the lady that drove us in her car one day. We have found a lot of good families lately that have a lot of potential to progress so we are excited to work this week with them!
We had some haircutting parties this week with a family of 6. It was all done in 3 hours.. they kind of ruined my shears from trying to sharpen them... bad idea but they still cut a little bit. haha. Then the day after we straightened hair for a lady who has really curly hair. We are trying to help her and her boyfriend get married!

On Sunday we went up to Navarro cause lately no one has been going to church. There is a family who has the calling to live out there and build a rama. At one point there was 18 that were coming and getting ready to be its own rama but as the opposition works its hardest it has decreased a lot with different problems between the members so we went with a member up there who is not too active. It was us, her and this family with the calling. They have the meetings in their house. the spirit was so strong. It made me think how time has passed and the church used to be like that starting with a few people in a house and after many years the growth!

President Benton said something interesting during our zone conference this last week he spent a couple weeks ago with elder Neil Anderson. He was saying that we need to start finding people that can be future bishops, mission presidents, and leaders in the church cause we are reaching to the point where the North Americans will be serving more in Asia! This work is growing! That is because its the lords work! I am so grateful to be a part of it those small and simple things build up into marvelous works of our savior!

I love you all so very much - Love you! chao!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Tormenta Blanca

This week went by so fast! It was a great week with many tender mercies... Tuesday we had a tormenta blanca which meant all of our zone came here to help us out with finding new people! It was really fun. We all met up at the end of the day to hear their different little success stories. I have found the Argentine version of grandma Deona Hobbs! She is always so loving to take us and teach her. She has been reading the book of mormon and understands everything really well!

We were ''counted'' on Wednesday which meant we couldn’t leave at all cause all Argentina was being counted to see how many people there are here, so we did some good spring cleaning! Then on Thursday we saw a lot of little tender mercies.. We had plans to go out to Navarroo and get to know the members and the investigators. We forgot to look at the bus schedule but luckily when we were planning we saw right then a bus was supposed to come. We ran out of the door with our rain boots, coats and umbrellas- it was pouring outside! We caught the bus in time cause he saw us running to make it! Once we got on we met this lady on the way who, after the bus ride, drove us over to a converts house. We were running late for lunch we were looking for a taxi to take cause it was on the opposite side of town, but there was a man standing in the road so we asked him if he knew and he told us he was waiting for his little girl to come home in a taxi! It finally arrived and we took that one. After that we were able to enjoy our day even more with an Hermana that left with us for visits! We met this family that has 16 kids with a single mom. We have plans to visit them this week.

We also were making plans each visit to have a haircutting and hair coloring party for all the investigators because the majority of them are women, so yes we are trying to look for every opportunity to serve these people!
they live in normal houses like in the city and they aren’t poor. The church has a little keyboard that I played yesterday but I need to practice more. We have plenty of members here that love to feed the missionaries, but they are used to giving portions for elders not sisters. haha. I feel so blessed to be here and to work in the countryside. They are great people to work with and we have some big plans to start working out in the other areas as well to start building a branch out in Navarro.
I love you all and have a great week! and be good!