September 2009-April 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February 21, 2011

Hola mi familia!!!
This is the last week of the transfer and the most stressful week we got! We have been working with Josefa and Fransisco towards baptism the end of this week but there have been some challenges the past week. On Wednesday we read a scripture from the bible of when Paul was giving the gift of the holy ghost to some people and it says they spoke in tongues and prophesied.. well Fransisco misunderstood the meaning of the ``gift of tongues`` and during the end of the prayer he started saying words and babbling then asked at the end what did I say what did I say?! we couldnt help but laugh afterwards.. he`s getting a little old.!!

We had a chicken barbeque pizza night with Marta and all her crazy boys. We were playing games while it was being cooked. They are a fun family. They have been reading the book of mormon together.

We found this man whose wife just recently died two weeks ago. The hermanas a long time ago use to teach him and he came many times to church. We were able bring comfort to him about how he can see his her again. We have been searching all the former investigators lately to find some new ones as well. I’m so happy with my comp! Well I love you all and yes I’m pretty sure the time hasn’t changed when am leaving it is April 11. Guillermo who recently was baptized thinks I’m going back to Ramos for another 2 months before I leave.. he is funny. Have a happy presidents day!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I‘ve been wanting to send pictures but I have been having bad luck with the computer I get. This last week we had a conference for all the newbies so i got to see Hermana Daniels and Lopez! Its so crazy it is coming to an end... it felt like yesterday we all started fresh- what cherished memories and special people! We are taking real care of all the investigators that will be baptized this month cause we have the goal to achieve 200 for the transfer! We have Josefa and Fransisco who will be baptized on the 26! Their daughter who lives with them isn’t at all for it.. she goes to the church universal that is from Brasil and they used too as well but they have loved learning and coming to church. Josefa was telling us the other day who she felt she was being judged by her loved ones for coming to our church and reading the book of mormon. I felt bad for her cause she is so sweet and wants to please her family but we expressed our love for her and promised her all the blessings she will receive by sticking it out and enduring! Fransisco her husband follows her wherever she goes... haha its funny. This week the zone leaders are going to come out to our area and help us with them as well.
Did I mention one of them looks like an older version of Heston??. I showed him a picture of Heston and he said he looked exactly like him when he was younger.. so I think of Heston everytime we have district meetings. We have been planning a missionary activity as well for next month that has to do with the tree of life and the plan of salvation... thanks to all the activities in my youth I have used them on the mission! It will be fun and spiritual! Every Saturday we are translating a talk of this pastor for this guy Marcelo.. all the talk is in English and we have been helping him translate it in Spanish.. everytime we go we share something with him but he is very strong in what he believes in the protestant church... we always pray for him that he will have his heart softened which I believe it will be.. he is really nice and you can tell how he wants to follow the Savior.

So everything has been going good here! Hermana Danes is progressing really well she's going to be amazing. We have a fun time together. I love you all and keep on choosing the right and helping Levi with the missionaries. Have a family home evening with them or offer it to them and they will be more than happy to have one! nos vemos!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

SuperBowl Sunday

Hola mi familia hobbs!
ANother week has come and gone... it was quite fun! During the week we found out how small the world really is especially with Archibald Gardner and all his wives!! Little did I know I have been walking with my long lost cousin the past couple of weeks here in Argentina. This is how it unfolded! On Tuesday night we were getting ready for bed and Hermana Danes brought up something about Mount of the Lord, how it wasn’t Wilford Woodruff that said something about the foundation but really Bishop Gardner! And I said ya ya I knew that too! and then the next thing she said ya he is my grandpa! hahaha.. so I told her he was mine too! Ask grandma Deona which one we come through? We got a big kick out of it cause a lot of people have asked if we are sisters or related.... haha in the end we are related! 5 generations back! haha.. how fun.

We had divisions with the Hermanas from our stake. We found this guy who is opening up a little kiosco and he was painting his floor. We asked him if we could help him and he let us! I put in all that practice that I had in the wood shop to use... then we have been working with this family of 11! We invited all the boys to come play soccer on Saturday so we picked them up to go. They are crazy boys.. we had like a parade of 5 of them with dogs all following us.. I felt like everyone was gawking at us thinking what are those girls doing with those wild boys! So we got to the church and they ended up not playing so we gave them a tour of the church and it was like night and day when they stepped in the church they all went silent and told us they felt something different inside. then we went back to their house and taught the whole family! it was quite fun. They need the gospel so much in their lives.. I keep imagining them all in white in the temple that they would be able to be sealed to their father... but all in the Lords time.

We have this cute old couple as well who are preparing to be baptized. They call us their angels when we come and visit them. Everything has been going good!! it hasn’t been as stressful as I thought it would be. Its been refreshing and I will be happy to leave all my things for Hermana Danes and just load my bags with Yerba and Mate cups! woohoo!