September 2009-April 2011

Monday, October 25, 2010


Soo.... there has been quite the change here on the mission!!! We had transfers on Wednesday and I’m with Hermana Daniels now! She is from good ol Sandy Utah! You should look up her blog and her fam! hahaha it has been awesome with her! AND... we opened up a new area for the hermanas in Las Heras! They had hermanas here about a year ago... and they were sure happy to have them again! hahaha. So when we were driving out here on Wednesday from the meeting and it was all just fields and fields and COWS!!! Who would have thought I would miss all of that.. hahaha. Hermana Daniels and I both screamed for joy!!! it was great.. it gets greater everyday. We have three different areas that we work in. Las Heras, Navarro, and Villars. It’s a branch and basically its this huge family Miguez who are great! The son is the branch president, daughter is the relief society president, her husband is the elder’s quorom president, the son in law is our mission leader, the other son is in the presidency and ya there is even more of them! They own a meat place, a carniceria.... I can’t remember what its called in English! But they butcher the cows and sell the meat... I’m in heaven!!! And the people are sooo soo nice.. so open and nice. haha I guess I have been so use to the city and its so safe here too! I absolutely love it.

On Sunday we had a baptism too, of this little boy Rodrigo who is 9 years old. He was baptized in a pool- it was great. The elders had been preparing him and we just had to make sure he came for the day! He´s a great kid who has tons of cousins and family that we have been teaching since we have gotten here!

So our church ..we don’t really have one.. is like a little back allyway that has 2 little rooms for young womens and primary and then two big ones for relief society and sacrament meeting. It’s just great, doesnt change the spirit at all and we eat really well here with the family Miguez! haha..
The other day we found our own little chancho here from nacho libre... this cute boy that was eating his chocolate outside and starting dancing away.. hahaha.
Hermana Lopez and Hermana Lewis opened up another area as well for the hermanas! in Billinhurst. It’s in the same stake as Ramos where I just left.

Oh I truly feel so blessed to work here with Hermana Daniels! She is an awesome missionary and that we are both from Utah its funny to contact people and tell them. I’m excited to work with her here in campo! We have had some great times already! hahaa. There are so many great people here to teach! All we need to do is work hard with them, the members and trust in the lord! I love you all and have a happy Halloween. Argentina doesn’t celebrate it... there are some stores that have decorations but they don’t do any trick or treating!
Love y’all

Monday, October 18, 2010

Last few days in Ramos Mejia...

Goodbye Hermana Godfrey

My good bye gift from the familia Cordoza

Yesterday was mothers day here! it was a beautiful day! so happy mothers day!
This week flew by so fast! We have a lady who is preparing to be
baptized next week! She is a friend of Maria who just loves to share
with everyone the gospel. The friend who is getting baptized calls us
sol and celeste cause she has a hard time with our last names... we
remind her of two of her granddaughters. She´s a great little old lady
who wants the best for her kids. Every time she prays she cries for
them hoping that they will talk to her more and learn of the church as
well. she is so cute!

The familia Escobar had some problems this weekend with the dad. He is
temporarily paralyzed on the side of his face. I can't remember what
its called, anyway they all left to the hospital yesterday in the morning.
it started on Saturday and was worse the next morning.

It is going to be hard to leave here. This area has been so amazing. I
dont really mind the city of having everything so close by. The
members are so wonderful! I have loved to get to know them and their
strong testimonies it is amazing how the gospel links us all together.
I absolutely love it and I know this isn't the end of everything! This
life is just a glimpse! haha.

So we have four new sisters coming in and one mini missionary!!
transfers are on Wednesday so we will see what will happen! We will
all be changing companions... all the sisters at least and probably
opening up two new areas for the sisters! I know to trust in the
lord... I'm sad to leave but I know it will be a new adventure and
another area to find those who are ready!
I love you all and have a great week!!!
oh and i got the package!
thank you sooo much!
we have already eaten the peanut butter treats

Monday, October 11, 2010

Dia de Diez

We had our dia de diez yesterday and I will never forget it! Six baptisms!!! I cant even explain to you how blessed we were this week with all the miracles that happened!

So last week when I was talking about the familia Escobar all the kids were wanting to be baptized and the wife was too. One of the boys, the oldest (Jonathon) wanted to wait for our mission leader to come back from his trip to baptize him cause he was going to be his "godfather" oh ya and I’m a godmother now! haha of Sasha the oldest girl. I don’t really know what I am supposed to do? Anyways we were still hoping for the whole family to get baptized yesterday so we had stopped by during the week with our mission leader and his wife to talk about the plan of happiness and temples, that it is our goal to be sealed to our families. Then the night after, (Tuesday) we stopped by with the assistants. Alejandro, the dad, was still indecisive about the decision. Aldana, the mom, wanted to but she wanted to wait for her husband so he wouldn’t be alone being baptized when that day came. After we left they stayed up all night talking about it. The next morning we were working and we got a phone call from Aldana saying they all wanted to be baptized on the 10th!! We went over that night with the bishop and it was amazing how Alejandro had changed he was so excited to be baptized! They were all excited so we got them all prepared and ready for Sunday! It was a lot of work but so sooo worth it. I am so happy for them.I can’t even express how I feel. It was a beautiful Sunday! The last to be baptized was Sasha and for some reason the water started draining so she had to be baptized I believe 5 times. haha. but she was a good sport! She was the first family member to make the decision to be baptized then one by one they all started to grow the desire! On the 8th was the birthday of Michelle the smallest and she turned 8 that day and Sasha´s birthday was on the 10th as well! Look how the lord works in mysterious ways!

We have some other great people we have been working with. Matias who came to church yesterday and stopped smoking for three days now! Maria Angelica who was baptized about three months ago has been bringing a new friend to church every week. haha she loves to talk to everyone she can about how she feels so good and happy!
I’m going to miss this ward so much. There are families here that have been so helpful so loving, I have one more full week here to take advantage! Hermana Godfrey... she is an amazing missionary! Well I love you all my family! The church is true!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Hello fambam!!!

What a beautiful general conference weekend we had! We were getting everyone prepared to come and listen to the great talks and the familia Escobar all came on Sunday and so did this guy we invited to get baptized Matias.. I dont know if I mentioned a him before but he showed up one time to church and then we didn't see him for like two months. One day we saw him at a bus stop so we rushed over to him and got his number to call. We have been teaching him for a couple of weeks. its hard to get a time with him to teach but on Friday we invited him to be baptized on the 17 of this month and then promised him he would receive a lot of answers at conference! So he came and loved it! The Escobar family is progressing as well! All the kids want to get baptized. The mom too but she wants to wait for her husband so this week we are going to work hard to get them all on the 10! our dia de diez!

The Cardozo family could not come to conference cause Alejandro fell again at work and hurt his other knee. Their little daughter is really sick too. The doctors don't know what she has but she dropped a lot of weight already. I felt bad they weren't able to come and hear the prophet and conference. We also had this guy we found in the plaza last week that wants to change his life so we invited him to baptism. On Sunday we met up with him in the morning and told us he didn't want anything more to do with the church. His sister said all of it was from the devil. hahaha. but we helped him calm down and then he came to conference and loved it! The talks were perfect for us and for others who came especially on Sunday. We are so blessed to have a living prophet and apostles. I was reading this morning in jacob 4 how he says we gain the hope from revelation and that revelation comes through the prophets and servants of the Lord. What a great feeling we can have at this time in our lives. I know without a doubt Thomas S. Monson is called of god. We have the truth. It breaks my heart to see so much confusion in the world but I know what I'm doing is right. I used to be so scared to share my testimony but now here I am in a total different country with a totally different language sharing it everyday! haha i love it!! its exactly where my father in heaven wants me. its not easy pero vale la pena!

We had a funny experience on Saturday, we helped our zone leader's investigator take a bus at the plaza so we bought lunch and were eating there. Hermana Godfrey had a hotdog and I got a hamburger. I had eaten half of it and then this homeless looking guy came up to us walking kind of drunken, pointing, and asking for our food. So Hermana Godfrey lifted up the quarter of her dog to give it to him and he said no and then pointed to my hamburger... so I gave it to him and he went on his way enjoying my half eaten hamburger... Hermana Godfrey afterwards said she was offended that he didnt want her food. hahaha. so it was a good laugh. i felt bad as well for him. To be that desperate for food to ask for what others had already eaten.
I love you all and hope you have a great week! Be good and listen to the prophet!