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Monday, November 15, 2010

November 15

What a week of hotness!! Its getting warmer and warmer each day... we are sure loving the spring here cause it gets nice and cool during the night! Well this week we kicked it into to gear trying to work with the members more and focusing on those that really are progressing and... it paid off!! There are two families we are working with, a mom and her two daughters and then a mom with her mom and her daughter who is 15 that has a son, the boyfriend and the other son of the lady! They are all amazing and they were both contacts in the street! I have to say contacts are not my favorite but there has been so many miracles that have come out of contacting people! haha! Isn’t that interesting.

We had a hair party on Tuesday in Navarro and ate some postre and watched some of the video of the special witnesses. Then this week we had divisions with the hermanas from Aldo Bonzi! I went there for the fourth time. We are figuring out all the transportation here. When we meet up for our district meetings on Tuesday’s we take a train that is really bumpy- its a fun ride- and that’s what we take to go in for transfer meetings as well. Yesterday we had made pancakes for one of the families to come to church and they loved them. Pancakes here are really crepes so they aren’t used to having thick pancakes! haha but it got them excited to come to church. The mom wants to be baptized and so does her little old mom who is 81 and walks and does everything, they are great ladies. So is the other family. We have been talking about baptism in every lesson with them and we invited the mom and her two daughters to be baptized! I used to be so scared of talking about baptism what if they would reject it or think its too soon.. but through time I have grown to love challenging in a bold way, cause that is what we are here to do! Bring these people to our savior that they may really follow him and apply the atonement in their own lives!

It has been such a blessing to work here, there are so many great families. The familia Miguez especially.. they all live in the same block and all the kids are married and have kids except the youngest. They are like our Hancock family all living close by, only closer!

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