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Monday, November 8, 2010

November 8

Hello HELLO!!
THe weeks do fly by pretty fast! This week was very eventful! It was blazing hot on Tuesday and we were headed out to Navarro. where its soooo country! We take a 40 minute bus ride out there so we brought these straw hats that some missionaries left in our pench for the blazing sun! We felt like we would blend in with the country life out there.. but little did we know it drew attention that we didn’t want. After lunch we headed out to an investigator’s house and here pulls up the cops asking us to step aside and ask some questions. It was the first time I’ve ever been pulled over like that here. So they asked who we were and we were doing and that they had a phone call that morning from someone that saw us get off the bus looking like strangers. We laughed afterwards with the cops! haha what a small town!

Then we had an amazing lesson with the lady that drove us in her car one day. We have found a lot of good families lately that have a lot of potential to progress so we are excited to work this week with them!
We had some haircutting parties this week with a family of 6. It was all done in 3 hours.. they kind of ruined my shears from trying to sharpen them... bad idea but they still cut a little bit. haha. Then the day after we straightened hair for a lady who has really curly hair. We are trying to help her and her boyfriend get married!

On Sunday we went up to Navarro cause lately no one has been going to church. There is a family who has the calling to live out there and build a rama. At one point there was 18 that were coming and getting ready to be its own rama but as the opposition works its hardest it has decreased a lot with different problems between the members so we went with a member up there who is not too active. It was us, her and this family with the calling. They have the meetings in their house. the spirit was so strong. It made me think how time has passed and the church used to be like that starting with a few people in a house and after many years the growth!

President Benton said something interesting during our zone conference this last week he spent a couple weeks ago with elder Neil Anderson. He was saying that we need to start finding people that can be future bishops, mission presidents, and leaders in the church cause we are reaching to the point where the North Americans will be serving more in Asia! This work is growing! That is because its the lords work! I am so grateful to be a part of it those small and simple things build up into marvelous works of our savior!

I love you all so very much - Love you! chao!

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