September 2009-April 2011

Monday, November 1, 2010

Tormenta Blanca

This week went by so fast! It was a great week with many tender mercies... Tuesday we had a tormenta blanca which meant all of our zone came here to help us out with finding new people! It was really fun. We all met up at the end of the day to hear their different little success stories. I have found the Argentine version of grandma Deona Hobbs! She is always so loving to take us and teach her. She has been reading the book of mormon and understands everything really well!

We were ''counted'' on Wednesday which meant we couldn’t leave at all cause all Argentina was being counted to see how many people there are here, so we did some good spring cleaning! Then on Thursday we saw a lot of little tender mercies.. We had plans to go out to Navarroo and get to know the members and the investigators. We forgot to look at the bus schedule but luckily when we were planning we saw right then a bus was supposed to come. We ran out of the door with our rain boots, coats and umbrellas- it was pouring outside! We caught the bus in time cause he saw us running to make it! Once we got on we met this lady on the way who, after the bus ride, drove us over to a converts house. We were running late for lunch we were looking for a taxi to take cause it was on the opposite side of town, but there was a man standing in the road so we asked him if he knew and he told us he was waiting for his little girl to come home in a taxi! It finally arrived and we took that one. After that we were able to enjoy our day even more with an Hermana that left with us for visits! We met this family that has 16 kids with a single mom. We have plans to visit them this week.

We also were making plans each visit to have a haircutting and hair coloring party for all the investigators because the majority of them are women, so yes we are trying to look for every opportunity to serve these people!
they live in normal houses like in the city and they aren’t poor. The church has a little keyboard that I played yesterday but I need to practice more. We have plenty of members here that love to feed the missionaries, but they are used to giving portions for elders not sisters. haha. I feel so blessed to be here and to work in the countryside. They are great people to work with and we have some big plans to start working out in the other areas as well to start building a branch out in Navarro.
I love you all and have a great week! and be good!

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  1. When I rent apartment Buenos Aires , weeks also went really fast! When you enjoy what you're doing, time flies!