September 2009-April 2011

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Call

OHHHHHH MY!!!! HOW EXCITING FOR SAMMY BOY!!! Tampico like the nasty drink in elementary school.. hahaha. I’m so excited for you to speak ESPAÑOL!!!!!
(Sammuel is going to Tampico, Mexico and leaves June 30th, he received his call on Wed 17th)

What an awesome week we´ve started off with! Tons of new investigators and finding people left and right! Hermana Lopez truly knows what she is doing and when we make goals we get’er done! It has been amazing and I’m looking totally forward to this whole transfer! We´ve already had some fun times in the rain, in the streets and everywhere we are! We have three baptisms that are coming up on the 7 of March, close to your birthday Sammy boy! They are the Rodriguez familia, a father, mother and two girls one who is 11 and one who is 3. The father is really quiet but you can tell he has so much love for his kids and the mom is so bubbly and loves to pray. At first we had their date for the 28th but the dad didn’t accept it that time and we didn’t know why cause he loved the one time they came to church and loved our lessons. They were telling us as well that they were going to be gone this weekend so they would be to church once more (and for investigators to be baptized they need to come to the church 3 Sundays) so we felt like we needed to talk to them about moving their date for the baptism and ask the father how we could help him. When we got to their house the mom told us they had been up all night talking about the date for the baptism and why the dad didn’t accept. He had felt like it was too fast and wanted to be more familiar with attending church and that it was not just some event but something he was taking very seriously. So the second time we talked about it with him he felt a lot better for the 7th of March. I could see him as a future bishop and her in the young womens. Their daughter is awesome as well, she´s home all day so reads the book of mormon and bakes cakes for us! Hermana Roy and I found them a couple weeks ago when we were walking by their house! Tonight we are going to have a FHE with them at the bishop’s house!

I love the work here and the people more and more each day! The language is coming along.... I’m so happy that Hermana Lopez knows the language so well since we both are so early on into the missioN! What was the president thinking!?! haha no it has been amazing this last week. We are at the top of our area right now! Our little old lady that was baptized on the 14th received the holy ghost yesterday in sacrament meeting! She has become the cute little new member everyone loves! We’ve found a couple more families this week that we are hoping to work with as well! Love you all!

Monday, February 15, 2010

!!!Dia de Amor!!!

Hola mi familia!!!
So we had transfers today! We had a goal to make this transfer one to push the records and it was! Our goal for baptisms was 200 and we had 195! How great was that. I also had divisions with Hermana Daniels this week, the same area last time! She was awesome to work with for the day! Hopefully a transfer in the future as well! What a crazy week getting Hermana Roy all packed off and away in the campo... which is out in the middle of nowhere! I am here in Ituzaingo once again with Hermana... duh da duh da... LOPEZ!! How exciting is that! Now we have our opportunity to serve together on the mission! haha... hopefully she can be patient with my Castillano. She is awesome I’m so excited to start of with her. We had our baptism yesterday on Sunday! Her name is Chiquita. I probably talked about her before. She was excited to be baptized and learn more the gospel. We also had our sacrament meeting as missionary work and I gave a talk! yep! All in castillano and it wasn’t bad at all.
Thats exciting about Logan Storey getting home. It’s crazy how the time flies by here every little moment counts. This is the Lord’s time and his people. Well I love you all my family and I’m always excited to hear from your experiences! Hopefully Sam will have his call by next week! Have a wonderful week in the month of love! Use all the languages of love to make it known!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Week of crazy!!!

Oh i love you all and i love your emails! everything i read to hear your voices through those words! im glad you all had a good week with superbowl and with sams papers in! how crazy that i have been in my mission for 5 months aleady! aaaghhhh! we had a pretty good las week with the rain from thursday to sunday! we have a baptism this next week on sunday after sacrament meeting. its this cute little old lady that we found while knocking on doors! she had this huge avacado tree and she gave these delicious avacado por GUACAMOOOOLLLEEE! ahhahaha. she is amazing. the day after we met her she came with us to church and she loved it! on friday we were drenched from head to toe from the rivers in the streets! one of the members gave us some coats and afterwards we were crossing one of the main streets and a lady started running towards us while her flip flop slipped passed me. i tried to dive for it but missed it. then the next minute hermana roy had bolted down the street running in the river to catch this flimsy flip flop! hahahahaha. she was about a block in a half down when she dove for it and was totally soaked. i was running along the sidewalk trying be close to her laughing hysterically and her little curly head bobbing when she ran and fell.. ahhahahaha. i love her so much. we have our transfer next week and we dont know who is leaving or staying. theres a chance i will stay or she will. she talked a little bit how scared she was to change cause we´ve been together for quite a long time. but i know the president will do what is best for us. he is our leader and is truly a man of god. today we played futbol and i cut some of the elders hair. they were all impressed with my different thinning shears and texturizer. ahahha. its always fun to get together with them and share our experiences and know we´re not alone is this. i love you all and have a great week! im so grateful to be here and enjoy every minute i have or learning to laugh at hard times, being patient with myself, and growing to love these people, the children of god in every corner. i can feel His love and i pray every time that they may feel His love through my actions and my words. just like the song brightly beams our fathers mercy. you should have val heiner sing that for sams farewell. ahhaha. he is our lighthouse and as members we are the lights along side of the shore helping those struggling ones to land on firm ground! to build and accelerate into the potential that god sees in us! magnified and glorified through the gospel! i love you all!! be good and haz lo justo!!!! TE AMO!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hola Mi Familia!

I received your package last week with the paper and the rings! It was perfect! We gave two of the rings to our new little members today (or going to this night I should say) and Hermana Roy took one as well cause she doesn’t have one! Oh this week has been great! It went by just as fast as the others. I had my first division this Wed with a sister from the pampa we took the train to meet them in the middle of Castelar ( which is where I am my ward is called Ituzaingo 4) and the place I went to was called Aldo Bonzi! It is where Hermana Lopez is right now as well! Wednesday was great with Hermana Leguizamon! We found a lot of new contacts - we taught when we found - we found when we taught! haha if you get my drift.

Then this Saturday we had the baptism of Tomas finally! With this little old lady that finally decided to be baptized! I guess her daughter has been a member for about 30 years? and has been waiting patiently for her mother... she had received a blessing that her mother would be baptized in this life. The daughter bore her testimony how she knew how savior lives and that she knew her blessing would be fulfilled! The mother is about 90 years old and it was from the ward our district leader is in. what an amazing experience it was to hear the testimony and watched this cute little viejita be cleansed! They had the two elders help and also her son in law for the baptism and another man from the ward.

Oh this week we´ve been sleeping outside in our balcony patio area as well cause its been so hot in our apartment! What a great week and this week we´ll have another division but ill be with the companion of Hermana Leguisamon in the same area. Hermana Daniels from Cali! My time is almost up with my little mother and trainer! haha. She has helped me in so many ways oh I love her with all my heart! haha. She has been a member since she was 9 and so has her family! She has a strong testimony of the plan of salvation from her brother passing away before her mission. The members always comment that she’s a walking book of mormon quoting and remembering every scripture there is! Ah she is amazing. Well it sounds like you all are doing great! I love to read your letters and look forward to them! Wish Loren good luck for me and my prayers are with Brent. We are truly blessed with what we have in this life. I’m reminded every time i walk into these houses and streets of my family. My strength my love and my rod you all are to me. I love you all! Oh and I sent a letter for each of my little siblings today so hopefully you get it sometime this month! Love you and hold on to the rod! Trust in the lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding! acknowlegde him and he SHALL direct thy path... to true happiness! Chaosito y te amo montonas!!!!