September 2009-April 2011

Monday, January 24, 2011

January 24

We had an awesome start this transfer with Guillermo and Hector who were baptized on Saturday! I was so nervous to start out this week training and planning the baptisms.. the bishop has been on vacation too..but it all worked out in the end. I was so grateful. It's very humbling to train.
So it was Hector who was a contact from a long time ago with Hermana Scott and Guillermo was a contact last transfer! I'm not a fan of doing contacts but the lord seems to bless us when we open our mouths.. haha. i like that. Guillermo patted us on the back and said good job for dragging me here. haha. It was a great baptism on Saturday, they both were very excited and there was a special spirit.

My comp's name is Hermana Danes from IDAHO!! from a little town called Nampa... she was studying music at BYU I. Im so proud of her! she has been doing great, always smiling and having a good attitude about everything. She is improving on the language everyday.. starting to understand a little more each time if she doesn't understand something we have the people repeat whatever they say a little slower- unless its bad then I tell her dont talk to them.. hahaha. like the guys who always love to make comments of girls in skirts - i dont know why..

I like Bonzi.. I'm happy I finally got to be here. Hermana Danes is refreshing, she has helped me remember how it was at the very beginning of the mission! fresh out of the mtc with so much ecxitement! I absolutely love it!
I feel comfortable with the area too... zi have felt more and more comfortable getting to know an area with all these changes. and the people always warn us where not to go!
Time is flying by too fast for me. but I feel like I'm taking full advantage of it.. there is still work to do.. plenty of it!! I love you all and have a great week of school! we are baking here in the sun but we are getting a nice tan line!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January 16

Here i am sitting with my good ol comp Hermana LOPEZ!! woo hoo! we just found out today with transfers that we are training! AHHHH!! there are four sisters that are coming from the big USA! I know shocker... I thought I would have at least one more transfer with Hermana Vindas but she is in Lujan now with Hermana Lewis. Hermana Daniels and Hermana Hulen are the other ones training as well! So today im with Hermana Lopez in Billinghurst.. reminiscing good ol times.. she is amazing I love her.

This week we are preparing the baptisms of Hector and Guillermo in Bonzi. So pray for them that everything will turn out good! I still need to plan the baptismal service and they need their interviews.. we got a new bishop in the as well! He's a young father, Jose Luis Martin! He will be a great bishop in the ward. It will be nice to work with him! I feel so nervous to train! I finally got the packages from my birthday and from grandma and grandpa Hobbs! I have been sharing the candy with the kids from the villa (a really poor part of our area). They always asked for candy whenever we go and visit some of the members or our investigators! I have also been enjoying the peanut butter :) and we ate the cake yesterday for Hermana Vindas leaving!

This last week we had divisions with the hermanas from Ituzaingo as well. with Hermana Tucker from Cali and Hermana Duarte from paraguay! we found this lady that we contacted and she was telling us how she had the missionaries before in her house and had a friend in the church. So we put a date to come back the next day to teach her cause we were on our way for Guillermo. The next day came and we invited her to church and to prepare for baptism and she came... her name is Josefa. She saw her friend and the member came up to us and said- hermanas do you know how many times i had invited her to come to church?! haha Josefa is a cute little old lady. She loved church on Sunday! Things are working out good.. there is A LOT of work to do but its good, it pushes me to work harder focus on the people and their needs. Today they announced that we probably wont have any more transfer meetings in the mission. There has been a lot of changes here and now we have the goal to achieve 200 for the transfer.
Well I love you all! thanks for all your support and prayers. I feel so deeply blessed.
Have a good week and enjoy the holiday!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

January 10th

Hey my fam bam!!!
The weeks are going by fast I do not like it one bit. we are in an internet place where all the teenager boys are playing computer games. This week was full of running from one end of our area to the other. The banks have been having problems taking out money from the we haven’t been able to take out money or have change to take the bus.. however today was successful! So I am content. we started off the week not so good... we had started to fast on Sunday til Monday.... cause we had forgotten. haha... so we thought we would make burritos for lunch on Monday. however la comida no se cayo bien con la pansa de Hermana Vindas or in other words that night we came back early cause my comp didn’t feel so good... but the next day she felt much better! Our two investigators that are getting ready for baptism live on opposite ends of the area so we have been getting a good work out and finding good people along the way. We have Guillermo who doesn’t have a leg.. and he can only see through one of his eyes.. he is hilarious too with his reactions to things. He is progressing really well. he loves to sing and pray when we visit him. Hector, the one that I met before, showed up to church with a tie and a white shirt.. he was all proud of himself! We had FHE with him and a recent convert who made steak and a fried egg on top... interesting - but it was delicious. No I haven’t gotten the two packages yet... I asked elder Bennett, who´s in charge of the mail and he said it could be because the mail offices were closed for the holidays... so hopefully tomorrow!
Well I love you all and be good! Have a great week!!

Monday, January 3, 2011


Weird its already 2011! I feel so old.. haha. We had a good week finding new people and having them come to church! We found this man outside of his apartment on Monday. He recently had his leg operated on because of diabetes so right now he is learning how to walking with his crutches. He used to go to the church universal but when he was recovering no one came to visit him. so we started to visit him through out the week and he came on Sunday! He used to be a cop and has three daughters but none of them visit him... only if they want money. sad i know. Then the other guy we have been focusing on is the one that I had contacted with Hermana Scott on divisions. Both of his eyes were horrible at the beginning of the week but towards the end they were getting better so he came to church as well! For new years we didn’t do anything special the elders forgot to inform us that we could be out til 10 eating at a members house or investigators but we were pretty tired that night. We were awakened from all the fireworks at midnight! There were tons.. I recorded some and then we went back to bed. haha. really the weather is like the month of July here on december. haha. and I actually just barely sent the discs today so hopefully you get them in a couple of weeks! Last week a member came and sprayed for the cockroaches that we have had... we have been getting high off of raid for the week so that’s been a highlight! Well I love you all and hope you have great goals for the year! Its always nice to start out fresh. We gave the principles class on Sunday and invited everyone to make goals on how to become closer to the lord.
have a great week!