September 2009-April 2011

Monday, December 27, 2010

December 27

It was soo nice to talk to you all... mom likes to hog the phone doesn’t she. haha thats okay. Well there’s really not that much to say. Sunday it was kinda disappointing all the people that have been progressing really aren’t progressing but that is okay. That is why we keep on going and searching for those who are honest and sincere. We also left to Ramos yesterday for Hermana Vindas to talk to her family! We have been going to Ramos almost every week now. It’s like a 45 minute ride in bus. The other day we found a man in the street that was like hey you said you were going to come to my house but you never did and neither of us knew who he was. So we said we would pass by in a couple days and we did. When we got to his house he had said it was me and another girl that had passed by a couple months back so he went and searched for the pamphlet he had gotten from us supposedly lo and behold it had my handwriting and my name with hermana Scott! He had come to church a couple of times after that so now he wants to get baptized! We also have a lady that is deaf but she reads lips really well. She was a reference from a family in the ward and wants to start her life over and wants her sister to be baptized who died a couple years ago... but she left for vacations and wont be back till the end of this week... so were are trying to find others it will come in due time!
I love you all and have a fun new years eve!
Photos from the mission Christmas party

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Saren and Heston!

HEy Fam!!!!
Oh I loved those pictures of Heston! they were so cute... he sooo big I can't believe how much he has grown!!! Okay so now I can give ya some details. Aldo Bonzi is a pretty big ward... and very well organized! It's not the city but we have two Walmarts in our area! woo hoo! We went there today... it was weird I felt like I was in the states! Yes Hermana Vindas understands a lot of English but she doesn’t like to talk too much in English. We had a good first week here together in Bonzi! She has been to Utah before too!

Hermana Daniels is with an hermana from the Provincia Jujuy in Argentina... Hermana Claros! And yes we went back to Las Heras for the baptism it took awhile to get there but totally worth it to see them all in white. Hector's membership records were miraculously located and he was able to baptize his wife and daughter. They celebrated my birthday after. Nothing is comparable to see a family change through the gospel in their lives it was so nice.

During the week it rained a couple of times. On Thursday two elders in our district were walking and were late for lunch in the rain and this guy pulled up to them in a big cheese truck and wanted them to get in! They were thinking who is this crazy guy! So the guy pulled over in front of them and opened his window showing them a book of mormon and telling them he was a member of the church! The elders got in and the guy asked them if they knew Hermana Hobbs and Hermana Daniels... and they said ya! It was Hector that had picked them up in the middle of nowhere! hahahaha. One of them is in my district, Elder Bush from Lehi, so he told me the other day what a small world even here down south. We also had stake conference here.. that means I had stake conference two weeks in a row. haha. Next week we have a Christmas activity! This year its going to be a little more spiritual and we will see the devotional of the presidency.
I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Another Transfer

Thanks for all the birthday wishes... I feel so old .. haha. we had transfers today and almost all the Hermanas changed companions! Hermana Godfrey is leaving in two weeks.. mom you will have meet her. I have been moved to Aldo Bonzi, and my new companion is Hermana Vindas, she is from Costa Rica! She just barely arrived about a month a go in the mission. I know it came fast the changes... we didn’t think I would be leaving already but that’s all good. Daniels and I live close so its not a problem at all. We had a great week last week preparing for stake conference! We all went in a little bus to stake conference... for all those who didn’t have cars. It was fun! Hector and Vanesa are getting excited for the end of this week, he is hoping to baptize her! We still haven’t received his records from the other ward so we will see... it would be cool cause it would be on the 11!!! and we have permission to go and see it.. I love you all sorry the letter is short but I have little time!