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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Another Transfer

Thanks for all the birthday wishes... I feel so old .. haha. we had transfers today and almost all the Hermanas changed companions! Hermana Godfrey is leaving in two weeks.. mom you will have meet her. I have been moved to Aldo Bonzi, and my new companion is Hermana Vindas, she is from Costa Rica! She just barely arrived about a month a go in the mission. I know it came fast the changes... we didn’t think I would be leaving already but that’s all good. Daniels and I live close so its not a problem at all. We had a great week last week preparing for stake conference! We all went in a little bus to stake conference... for all those who didn’t have cars. It was fun! Hector and Vanesa are getting excited for the end of this week, he is hoping to baptize her! We still haven’t received his records from the other ward so we will see... it would be cool cause it would be on the 11!!! and we have permission to go and see it.. I love you all sorry the letter is short but I have little time!

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