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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November 23

Sorry I didnt write you yesterday... we had a holiday and nothing was opened!! So here we are in Las Heras, we had a fun week starting with a movie night. We prepared tons of popcorn and had everything set up nicely and borrowed the projector from the offices cause we were expecting a lot of people! And they did all come!!! They all came to church on Sunday as well. Veronica and her daughters are getting excited for their baptism at the end of this week. We will be having it in Marcos Paz cause they have a nice font and we want it to be special for all of them! Veronica has a sister who is waiting to be divorced and then she can get married to the guy she is with so that she may be baptized! She has been receiving the elders for quite awhile now too. The other day we met her and their sister here in Las Heras. She wants to come to church and also see the baptism of Veronica. It is exciting to see how it spreads once someone starts sharing in the family! The Familia Miguez have been amazing at helping us with everything.. they are always willing to go with us and become friends with our investigators. It is so amazing how the members make such a HUGE difference.

We have this couple as well that the dad was baptized forever ago and stopped going but now we have been teaching the wife and daughter who all love the church and the activities. He told us it makes him happy to see his wife excited about the church! Today I received the emails of Sam’s letters and of all the missionaries in the ward. I love to think of all of them working in all parts of the country. They are good young men. So is Sam, I loved his story of the lady on the bus!

I’m grateful to work here with them and with my awesome comp! We colored her hair yesterday for the third time going lighter and lighter little by little. haha so she can get rid of the black she had before! I love you all and am so grateful for your support. I am so grateful for your help in making this decision to serve a mission. It is funny to look back at all the people that helped me truly follow what I wanted to do and what I knew was right. Happy Thanksgiving week and show your gratitude for those you love!

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