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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jan. 25th

Oh how it was great to log on today and see I had a message from grandma! And Kara as well. Will you tell them I’m only suppose to write really only one message and its this one... so we had one baptism this Saturday. The other boy was at his fathers till late and he headed to his grandparents house ( where he lives during the weekdays and where we found them) it is very far so we went ahead and had the baptism of his sister Camila. During the whole time the family was worried sick for him wandering out in the streets at night. But the grandma called us later that night and told us they were able to find him so he will be baptized next Saturday!
We also taught the nice lady I talked about before and we have her baptism set for the 13th of Feb! We are going to work hard with her! The jehovah witnesses are interesting to teach everytime.. haha i love it. I love learning about these people and their different customs, the music, the food…everything! Its been a pretty hot week as well. Last Monday it poured like no other during the night but everyday it got a little more warmer and warmer! Its crazy to think I have been here for 2 months already. We played futbol again today with the elders.
Hermana Roy lately has been taperecording me making phone calls at night with members or investigadores. Good thing I have confidence in myself and the Lord... haha. No I’m happy with the progress I’ve made its crazy to think I’m able to understand most of what these people are saying and I’m able to talk to them as well! The gift of tongues is real! It’s different than I thought... I guess I just pictured it before that it would all come at once but no through practice and using all the things I have it will come more and more! Just like my scripture says in d&c 100... its so true! I find that when we prepare and prepare we are ready and the lord will bless us with the thoughts and feelings these people need to hear! I love you all and have a great week! choasito!

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