September 2009-April 2011

Friday, January 1, 2010

Buenos Tardes!

Wow it did not even feel like Christmas here! You could say it was more like the fourth of July to the extreme! Every house has illegal huge fireworks and it was a blast. We had two other sisters stay the night and we watched all the fireworks on top of our apartment building with sparkling pineapple, it was very fun! Then we went the next morning to one of the chapels in our zone to make breakfast. We experimented with different fruits for smoothies while the elders made chocolate chip pancakes. Afterwards we played soccer a couple of times with four different teams playing each other! We had a bracket going on! Then afterwards we had a good barbeque with these delicious big chorizos, kinda of like hotdogs. Then we had a big water balloon fight! It was nice to get together and enjoy Christmas day in the sun!
It sounds like you all had such a great Christmas too! Im happy for y’all! Its another great week in Argentina with great people and great food. This Sunday I played the piano! Oh and Leandro the oldest of the three we baptized awhile ago just received the Aaronic priesthood so he was able to pass the sacrament on. We were able to teach his mother about the birth of our savior and two other investigators as well. It was special to read and talk about it in Castillano. I loved it!
I feel like after looking back on this month the language is coming along pretty good and Im able to do a lot more then my first day! I just have to laugh at my mistakes and keep on talking and trying.
It was very nice to talk to you all! Ilove knowing you are all watched over and protected by our dear heavenly father. I know we are as well in His work! I remembered a scripture Ihad found while Iwas in the mtc about the lilies in d&c 84.... verses 79 to 85! The lord is on our left and on our right. I was also thinking about one picture a sister had given me in the mtc as well how we are fishers of men! Here we have this delicious sweet message for these people but its their choice whether they want to partake of it or not. We just have to keep on praying searching and be guided to those who are ready. Thank you for everything. I love you all and have a wonderful week celebrating a new year! Make some good goals! Funny thing is that I look back in my diary and see my goals for 2009 was to pick up a new hobby. Thanks to Sarah she taught me to stitch! And I was deciding over school or a mission.. haha here I am embarking in something so powerful and so wonderful!! I love you all! chaosito!

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