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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Another Great Week!

Helloooo My good ol family!
I love reading your emails and I just barely got Maisie’s letter from forever ago! Today I had my first transfer meeting! And guess what! I´m with Hermana Roy for another transfer! Good thing too cause I’m NOT ready to leave her just yet! So this week we found two kids through these converts who want to be baptized! We are preparing them for the 23rd of this month! How exciting!!! They are great kids Thomas and Camila.. twins as well! Thomas loves to pray! Our first lesson he offered the ending prayer! We also found a couple we’ve been trying to get a hold of that the elders were teaching before us. They smoke but we taught them yesterday and we are ready to help with them with our savior and the strength and miracles from our faith!

There is another couple we´ve been working with Diego and Jessica who live in this humble little house. They have tons of plants and a fun garden with corn! haha. They have their kitchen table outside that is basically their kitchen. They are not married but they want to be... they were waiting for this year when they could afford to have a fiesta. At first they were thinking more later on this year. Last week we had a lesson with this couple from our ward and they talked with us about the importance of matrimony and praying as a couple. They also talked about how the ward can help provide a place for their wedding and festivities! It was a powerful lesson. It’s amazing to work with these members cause missionaries come and go but the members are the people who become the support and the anchor these people need! So yesterday we were with Diego and Jessica and they said they had a date finally!!!! the 25th of this month as well! yay!!! so we´ll be here for it!

Oh what a wonderful place I am in... funny story.... so for Leandro Nazarena and Andrea we gave them the trio and wrote our testimonies in castillano... we weren’t there when they opened them so the next time we taught them they got their books out and the mom showed me all my mistakes that I made in my testimony... hahaha. She went from line to line and said oh this one is good... op you need this and this in this one. hahaha. it was quite funny.

Lately with the heat we´ve had some unwanted friends in our apartment. Of course all day long we keep our windows open and you´d think since we are on the 6th floor no creatures would be able to enter in... oh but they can... CUCARACHAS! ohhhh... haha. im usually the one who ends up killing them and every time Iscream bloody murder cause they are huge!! Ashley, Katie and Sarah would know! its worse then those spiders we had in our apartment.. haha...

This morning I was electricuted by my blow dryer... I had touched the metal when I was plugging it in.. not good. we also had some good spiritual moments today. Our theme for this transfer is to focus on being more spiritual in every moment. In the streets, in our apartment, in our meetings. It was really good to hear from our president. You can truly feel the love he has for missionary work and his wife too. She makes me feel good about my Spanish whenever she gives talks in Spanish cause she is still learning as well!

Well I love you all my family! Thank you for everything you do! This week is going to be great to start with new goals. I’m glad we´re not leaving our area. I want to help these people more and more! The more I learn the more I can talk and understand them as well!
I love you all and be safe! Always remember what is most important in this life!

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