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Monday, January 11, 2010

The HEAT is on!!!

Woooooohhhh!!! Oh who could ever think there was a place where people could live in this weather... hot and sticky.. haha. The people here in Argentina have their siesta from 1:30 to about 5 which sounds like a party right?? Nope its their time to get in their bed away from the heat and sleep right through the heat of the day! Sometimes I wish I could because at times I feel like we are just brain dead from the heat wandering in the deserted streets because no one is outside.. haha but its good! And when they are they are in their little piletas or also known as pools.. the kid pools, the other day we saw about 20 people with grandpa in as well just chillin in the pool! it was probably about 6+8 ft pool. It makes me want to join right in with them!

Our goal is to reach 140 contacts every week and we reached our highest last week! 121! And we are also having this futbol bracket with the our zone. Two sets of missionaries represent a country and ours is brasil! So we played for the first time today. I never really was a fan of soccer til i played on Christmas and today! I love tomatoes as well now.. with onions vegetable oil and tons of salt with milonesa, the typical argentine food.
It’s actually been a really good week! We feel like we have found another lady who is ready to be baptized! The next time we teach her we´re probably going to ask her. We need to pray about it first. She is about in her mid 20s and has two kids with her husband! And she is amazing! She wants the best for her little family. She has almost read the whole book of mormon so it will be exciting to teach her this week... hopefully tomorrow! I love the language here and I feel more and more comfortable to talk! In the ward there is about 60 members and our area is pretty big. We have to take the bus almost everyday to reach the east side of our area! Hma Roy thinks I will be here in the same area for another transfer or two! So I wouldnt mind! We are in a ward and there is another ward that meets in our church.. its the ward of our district leader! We have everything a bishop and his counselors! Great men! One of them reminds me of grandpa Hobbs with his snow white hair and his face.. every time I see him I think of grandpa rambling in Castillano!

And yes I received grandma and grandpa Hancock´s email! I’ve been meaning to write them back! Will you send me measuring cups in my package that would be very helpful here! I made those congo bars but they turned out to be more like cake... they still were really good but I was guessing the measurements and plus I had used a little bit of yeast instead of baking powder.. haha. oh and thank you so much for those ideas for family home evening! The first idea was with those children baptized and the other was with the family that had invited us over for my birthday! Their grandpa and dad is a member of the church but the dad is inactive and they have two girls and one boy.. I think I sent a picture of them! So the grandpa was there to teach with us and we talked about eternal families! Then afterwards the dad had made oh this delicious pizza. He’s been taking cooking classes!.. We call them the crazy family cause we are always laughing with them. They are great people with so much love for one another! I love these people we find and meet everyday... even some of the people we find on the bus. Just to sit down and get to know a child of god they deserve to know they are loved and they can choose to have a better life here in Argentina. We are blessed to have an eternal family. I couldn’t thank my heavenly father enough for the love the unity the rich heritage the legacy that we hold. Our divine mission here on this earth. Everyday you all give me strength to think of the examples and the success each of you have been blessed with and have achieved even my friends and their examples. Oh how the lord loves His children. I’m so grateful for my life here on this earth. I feel so sad for those we meet that don’t even believe there is a god. How could they not??? Everything testifies there is a god.. and loves us individually he cries when we cry. he suffers when we suffer. Just like in moses 7 and enoch talking about heavenly father crying for his children. I love you all! Thanks for letting me ramble on my spiritual high! oh and this little old lady that barely has teeth in my ward says “un beso and mucho salud por mi madre de hermana llanos... meaning one kiss and much heath for my mother dear!” jaja. i love you all and keep up the good work! I’m so excited for Sam and his papers getting in!!! YAY!!! This is the best thing you could ever do in your life! And keep on working hard Jake! Maisie you have the life I wanted.. hahaha be a good example to every person and love them with all your heart! And Heston rock on with the piano! You´ll be the next Beethoven! I love you mom and dad so much.. thank you for everything you have done for me and for our family. choasito mi familia!!! te amo monton!!!!

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  1. Ok Saren had better represent Brasil well in soccer. Her letters remind me so much of my mission, I had my mom send me measuring cups as well!