September 2009-April 2011

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Aribbaaaa Aha

This week has been pretty good! nothing too exciting.. the heat is pretty... well pretty much HOT! We played the what if game with familia Castro and they absolutely loved it! We are preparing our two kids for baptisms this week on saturday! they are so cute and timid. Their aunts that are about jakes age made some kind of pastry for us the other day and then jello yesterday. The people love to feed us here and im quite alright with that. I haven’t gotten sick yet from the food so that’s a good thing. We have our conference with a couple of other zones tomorrow and then my interview with the president is the week after so every couple of weeks i get to see him and his wife. We called her this morning for a recipe for brownies! We have found these Jehova Witnesses that we´ve been teaching well the daughter is and the mom is way catholic. She has this huge bible like our big book of mormon and said she put it right up on her chest and read it everyday (i cant remember how long) and she had a permanent dent there. haha its been interesting to teach them and hear their beliefs they have, but they are great people and we´re hoping to teach the daughter more! The couple that we found that had the smoking problem don’t want anymore to do with teaching. Its kind of sad to see these people give up. They don’t understand what they could have but we cant force it on them. Hopefully it rains today to cool off this week. Thats sad about Haiti and yes the lord truly does work his works, it is a blessing that Brad and Dori have Luxana! Its amazing to see that here everyday with the people and even within my companionship with Hermana Roy! She has been a great trainer in every step to know how things work and be prepared for what more lays ahead. The people are so helpful here with the idioma! I love you all and have a wonderful week! Enjoy your day off today! nos vemos!!! oh and for Sam I really don’t use my i-pod that much... i wasnt allowed to in the mtc and here I actually wish I had a cd player cause every now and then the president sends out a new cd mix of church music in English and Castillano. So just depending on his president! Love you all, adios for now!!

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  1. Sister Hobbs, Remember me? It has been forever. Too long. I am so happy and jealous of you serving a mission. Make the most of it. I am so glad I got to have your mom as my trainer. I loved being with Sister Hancock. It was the best time. I have been enjoying reading about your mission. Keep up the great work. The Lord is very proud of you. We keep you in our prayers. With love and admiration, Zuster Yale ( Debra Bricker) Ask your mom.