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Monday, February 1, 2010

Hola Mi Familia!

I received your package last week with the paper and the rings! It was perfect! We gave two of the rings to our new little members today (or going to this night I should say) and Hermana Roy took one as well cause she doesn’t have one! Oh this week has been great! It went by just as fast as the others. I had my first division this Wed with a sister from the pampa we took the train to meet them in the middle of Castelar ( which is where I am my ward is called Ituzaingo 4) and the place I went to was called Aldo Bonzi! It is where Hermana Lopez is right now as well! Wednesday was great with Hermana Leguizamon! We found a lot of new contacts - we taught when we found - we found when we taught! haha if you get my drift.

Then this Saturday we had the baptism of Tomas finally! With this little old lady that finally decided to be baptized! I guess her daughter has been a member for about 30 years? and has been waiting patiently for her mother... she had received a blessing that her mother would be baptized in this life. The daughter bore her testimony how she knew how savior lives and that she knew her blessing would be fulfilled! The mother is about 90 years old and it was from the ward our district leader is in. what an amazing experience it was to hear the testimony and watched this cute little viejita be cleansed! They had the two elders help and also her son in law for the baptism and another man from the ward.

Oh this week we´ve been sleeping outside in our balcony patio area as well cause its been so hot in our apartment! What a great week and this week we´ll have another division but ill be with the companion of Hermana Leguisamon in the same area. Hermana Daniels from Cali! My time is almost up with my little mother and trainer! haha. She has helped me in so many ways oh I love her with all my heart! haha. She has been a member since she was 9 and so has her family! She has a strong testimony of the plan of salvation from her brother passing away before her mission. The members always comment that she’s a walking book of mormon quoting and remembering every scripture there is! Ah she is amazing. Well it sounds like you all are doing great! I love to read your letters and look forward to them! Wish Loren good luck for me and my prayers are with Brent. We are truly blessed with what we have in this life. I’m reminded every time i walk into these houses and streets of my family. My strength my love and my rod you all are to me. I love you all! Oh and I sent a letter for each of my little siblings today so hopefully you get it sometime this month! Love you and hold on to the rod! Trust in the lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding! acknowlegde him and he SHALL direct thy path... to true happiness! Chaosito y te amo montonas!!!!

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