September 2009-April 2011

Monday, December 21, 2009


Can you believe christmas is in a couple of days??? i cant!!! oh man time flows by so fast here and the heat is on! summer will be official the 22! oh i was dying the other day... but then the next day it poured like no other! there were tiny frogs all over the place... i guess they come out because of the humidity is so strong after it rains! and today we had our christmas activity with the whole mission! it was so much fun! we got to listen to the testimonies of the elders and hermanas leaving then we watched the christmas fireside in castillano.. then after that everyone had prepared a navidad skit! ours was about four elders who were not in the christmas mood so some of us came out at first and named off that they needed happiness, peace, and some other good stuff then the rest of the zone came out and ya it was pretty fun!
im so excited to talk to you all!! i cant wait! and yes i kept some of the presents to open on the day! so thank you very much! sorry this letter is so short but i dont have much time today to write to you! i love you all and have a wonderful christmas! what a great time to be serving the lord with the most greatest gift we have! the restored gospel! our heavenly father truly radiates his love through every little thing we have. what a wonderful life we have with a family strong in the gospel! and sealed for all eternity.. i love you all and ill talk to you in a couple of days! Chaosito!!!!

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  1. It's so great to read the details that Saren includes in her letters; that way we know more about what our daughter is doing when she leaves out the details. Ha! Enjoy your Christmas phone call! :-)