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Monday, May 3, 2010

May 3, 2010

So this week was way fun! We had divisions with Hermana Daniels and Urdapilleta! Hermana Daniels was with me this time in Ituzaingo, it was really fun with her... always is. This weekend there was an airplane show in our area with helicopters and different planes flying by every now and then. We kept snapping shots during the siesta in the streets!

We had a special lesson with and investigator who has been listening to the lessons for over a year now! He is an amazing guy that has a beautiful family but he´s been struggling to make the decision of baptism cause his wife doesn’t like the church too much that is before she didnt... we´ve been working with him a lot cause he has a testimony but is just scared what is going to happen if he does make the decision! At the beginning of April he told us we would see him be baptized and just give him a month more to be prepared and to think about it. So our night with him ended up being on the last day of April. Hermana Lopez found this awesome talk from the May 2002 ensign by Worthlin. It talks about the apostles when the savior called them to be his followers when they were fisherman before then compares how we have nets today and if we are willing to leave them behind to follow Christ. We shared this talk with him and also when Paul is talking about how his life was before he knew Christ. He was high in society with his education and everything but he says those things are like dung compared to the joy that it was to know the savior! After the lesson he accepted to be baptized this week! So pray for him please and our others.... the little girl is getting ready to be baptized! She is soo cute and just absorbs everything we teach her! We also have the Peruvian lady that will be... and the other that was supposed to be last week!

I love this life here. We had our zone activity with volleyball and popcorn and homemade donuts and of course a little bit of soccer. It wouldn’t be a zone activity without futbol! Its going to be sad to leave this place! I have grown to love these people in the ward and the investigators that we’ve been working with for awhile. Now that I know this area like the back of my hand they want to send me somewhere else all new! hahaha no it will be good. I will definitely miss working side by side with Hermana Lopez.

It sounds like it was a great week for all of you as well... and how exciting we will get to call next week! I’m going to call around 5 here so I don’t know what time it will be there... I forgot the time difference! Know that I love you all. I’m sending a letter off to grandpa and grandma Hancock today! I love you all and remember what is most important in life... the gospel, family, and facturas! hahaha

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