September 2009-April 2011

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mother’s day is coming up! So start preparing your questions if you have any... we have 40 minutes to talk but I don’t know for sure at what time we are going to call! I just got the letter from Kate last week!!!!! oh thats soooo excititng for her and her little hubby! I wrote her back so she should be getting one in a couple of weeks!

Its been a tad bit chilly this week! We have this little electric heater that we put right next to our bunk bed to keep us warm! I’m thinking that I’m going to get my sleeping bag out soon. I didn’t believe that it was going to get that cold but I guess my blood was all nice and thin from the humid summer.

So this week went by fast with divisions from the other sisters in the mission! I went to Hurlingham with Hermana Urdapilleta who is from here in Misiones! She`s been here for about 4 weeks now. She lost her little map during the night together but luckily had an extra with her, she is awesome. Then the day after I was with Hermana Abbot who has about 11 months in the mission. She`s from Illinois! We have some fun sisters here in the mission from all parts of the world. It is such an adventure to be united in the same thing! You can learn so much from each and every one of them.

We kind of had a rough weekend with our investigator that was going to be baptized Sunday. He ended up not getting baptized cause he needs to be able to partake the sacrament but the problem is that he works in the morning. We are going to see what we can do. He wants to be baptized but his boss won’t let him have time off to come! Things are looking on the bright side with the ward. We`ve been able to work more with members that just moved into the ward. The lord always provides us the way to achieve what he wants done.

Tomorrow we have our interviews with the president. I’m sad to leave my city and ward and Hermana Lopez! But that is life in the mission always changing and every moment counts. There is no time to waist. It’s the same as life. We must always cherish what we have and look ahead to the future. Never live in “I should have done this” or “I could have done that.” Just do your best and move forward. I love you all and its always exciting to hear from you! Have a great week and remember to stand in holy places! Good luck Sam with the temple! Love Saren

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