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Monday, May 24, 2010

On a Rainy Sunday!!!!

Wew this week slipped right underneath my feet and out the door in no time! We had some fun times this week... We had stake conference, and had tons of investigators all planned to be picked up by us or my some of the members.... but none of them came. either they werent home or they didn’t come.... it was really disappointing cause we were all fasting in our zone to have a goal of five in the conference. I guess the lord had other plans in store for them. We passed by some of them later in the day with liahonas. It was pouring like crazy. We visited the Italian member that lives in the same building as us when we returned and she made some soup for us... it was nice and warm! So once again that big rainy coat serves its calling here for the rainy days of May!
And yes I did receive the package!!!! oh it was amazing to get it… all the sweaters and sticker notes and everything is just perfect! thank you so much... and yes I did get the letter from Lynette! I’ve been meaning to write her back.

Other than Sunday we had a really great week with finding new people and working with the members in the ward. It is amazing to see these people change their habits and change their ways when they grow closer to our heavenly father.
Its interesting how I never realized how many churches there are in the world and how important our message really is... its been a big eye opening experience to share my simple testimony and have it re affirmed every time we share the restoration. Last night we had a lesson with our mission leader where we talked about afterwards that you will find everywhere you go the same questions... why are there so many churches... which one is true... and how can you know?? It is through a simple sincere prayer. I testify to you all that I know it is the true church. With our prophet Thomas Monson leading the way. I know he receives pure revelation for you for me and for all the people on the earth. I know that we have the authority to act in the name of our savior Jesus Christ and truly become members of HIS church, the original church that He organized when he was here. Our covenants are sacred and bring us closer to him. How I’m so grateful for what happened to Joseph Smith and how our god which is in heaven is the same forever. We can trust in him and his path. The other day I saw a little sign in the Liahona that said the ten commandments are commandments not suggestions.

hahaha there is my little spiritual message! I love you all and am so grateful for the people in my life and how they have helped build me and strengthen me. I hope that I may do the same for others! Have a good last week in school and know that I love you all!! Be good and Be safe!

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