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Monday, May 10, 2010

New Transfer

A New Transfer with a New comp! I'm an AUNT!! (This is the title for a second comp to a new missionary.)
Oh I loved your pictures and talking to you all as well!! The time went by fast. I’m with my new Hermana Salazar from Argentina sur! We are more in the city now and its called Ramos Mejia. Our church is connected with the mission office where all the assistants work and where we will have our district meetings. It sounds like there is about 90 to 100 members that come to church on Sundays... the map looks small and my comp said we walk a lot here... never take the bus so that will be good cause the food is starting to get heavier with the cold. Lately what we had in Castelar was called giso (i dont know how to spell it in castellano but thats how its sounds) and it basically is noodles with potatoes, a delicious tomato sauce, tons of different vegetables and meat. So ya
It’s soo weird that I’m in a different area, it is exciting it will be nice and refreshing! Hermana Lopez is with Hermana Perez from Nicaragua now... I’m eating my lunch while writing you! Last night we passed by the familia Benitez and the mom Patricia felt bad that she forgot but it was just nice to say my goodbyes to them... I’m going to sure miss them.. I loved watching Leandro pass the sacrament each week... they are great kids, and the others as well. But just like you said now its another chapter in this great adventure, to help my savior find those who are ready... I don’t feel too scared and that’s thanks to Hermana Lopez who helped me grow more confidence in myself and in the lord. We showed that the lord uses the willing to thrash the nations! Well I love you all my family! I love that you are all doing so great and are achieving so much... we are so blessed! Have a good week y nos vemos en la semana que viene!!! TE AMO MONTONASO!!!!!!!

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