September 2009-April 2011

Monday, April 5, 2010

Conference was Wonderful!!

The Castelar Zone in the baptismal font, proud of their efforts!
Juan, Miriam & Ramona baptized on March 28th.
Antonio the former boxer is getting baptized next.
Saren outside on their apt balcony
Ice cream buffet
The ring salesman they met while in Moron
Not-so delicious hamburger patties, 5 minutes in a storm and soaked to the bone!

Okay so I just sent like a bunch of pictures hopefully they all worked! Oh I just got a letter from Sarah, thanks for sending it for me! Maybe I’ll just do that cause I don’t know how the mail works here for Puerto Rico. Yes they all keep in contact with me! Kara just sent me a picture of her cute little boy and the salon girls sent me a couple of letters together but I lost them on my way back home.... I almost started crying cause letters are like GOLD!!! I truly felt horrible... but that same day is when I did hair for like 5 hours so I was reminiscing from those good ol days in the salon trying to figure out what to do with my hair and cutting everyone elses... haha I love those girls like no other!

This weekend was CRAAZY! With running everywhere to get our investigators in the chapel... but we did have some good ones and some interesting ones. We made all the sessions but I didn’t get to hear all of them in English. Conf. was held in our stake church and it was great! This really is the best I’ve heard. The spirit was so strong in the room just hearing the exact words and messages a missionary needs! Oh it is crazy to think where I was this last year! I am in a total opposite pathway than I thought I would be... I’m so happy that I am here with the people that I am with teaching and working the lord’s work! I would never change it for anything. It is pure joy that nothing or no one else can bring or at least that I’ve experienced!

This week we taught a lady that let us in one day when it was raining and this visit she was feeding us crackers with butter and jam and then she left for a bit and returned with this bottle of perfume... she gave it to Hermana Lopez and told her to try some and then was like more more put more on! Then she handed it to me... and I put a little on and the lady called chicha was like NO you need to try MORE! The next thing I know she grabs it out of my hand and starts smothering me with this perfume that stinks like those old perfumes that makes mom sick! hahahha. She was going to town with that bottle! in my hair, all over my face, getting up in my grill! ahha and then she starts rubbing it all of hna Lopez´s back! hahaha we were laughing like no other with this little old plump lady! We were thinking maybe we stunk and that was her way of telling us we needed a little help!

I’m excited to get your letters. It was freezing this morning! I didn’t realize how cold it was going to get here! ... but I’m good I have a sweater and my comfy socks! I love you all and thanks for sending me letters! I always love hearing from you! Oh and yes I did know the sister that was from my mish that Pres. Monson talked about! She was here til Christmas so I got to meet her before she left home! She was an awesome sister and we were all so proud that the prophet had mentioned her in his talk and our mission! I know he is our prophet today and that he speaks directly from god to us. How great the love is of our father in heaven. I love you all and be good this week!



  1. Oh, that story about the perfume is just too funny! :-)

  2. I miss you so much, Saren! I hope your getting my letters! Those people are so lucky to have you! Love, Kate