September 2009-April 2011

Monday, April 19, 2010


I´m glad to hear that nothing has changed from home with mom and her chocolate to famiy dedication with the baseball! But yet I can feel in your letters how everyone is growing!

This week I would have to say was one of the funnest with Hermana Lopez, she is a blast.. and we work work WORK til we drop.. and she did this week! The other night we were walking on our way to the bus stop and before I know it I look over and Hna Lopez is on the ground with her leg behind her back and her skirt up! ahahha. She had slipped on a plastic bag and fell right on her back! I was scared she had broken something but no she was all good. On Wednesday it poured all day so I felt all snug in my big rain jacket! Then we had lunch with this member who gave us soup first.. she got up to search for something, while we were eating I looked up right in time to see Hermana Lopez flick something in the bowl of the members! ahhaha and I turned to her and asked if she had meant to do it and she said yes... so we both started laughing and the member was like what happened... and we made up something on the spot! .. then come to find out it was a little bone that she had flicked in her soup and the reason was cause at first she was going to give it to me or drop it on the ground but then she thought she could be sneaky and flick it into the other bowl but right after she had done it she realized the son-in-law was behind us watching the whole time!

We are starting week 4 now in the our transfer here! It is crazy how time flies by so fast. There’s so much to learn as well... I don’t feel like a year and a half is enough.. maybe i could ask for an extention! We had a crazy Sunday with helping our investigators come to church. We had this cute family come who are way into their church but the mom said afterwards that she going to start coming to ours for right now cause its closer and cheaper (and better for her). During our lesson the other day the three little boys were singing all their songs from their church. We have another family that we are working with as well that is a very humble family. We watched the Joseph Smith movie with them and they loved it! Know that I love you all and keep on being the great examples you are! You never know who is watching or listening. Always be ready for when our savior needs us to help others! have a great week!!!

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