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Monday, April 12, 2010

A Great Week!

It’s so crazy to think of all that is happening while I’m here! There´s a lot that goes on!! We saw some miracles that our heavenly father blessed us with... especially having lessons with members which is sometimes hard. Sam should go on divisions with the elders in our ward or stake! We also have a baptism that is coming up this weekend a 25 year old guy that has been coming to church on his own. I know the baptisms do not determine the success. We see a lot of opposition everyday here, but hna lopez and I were talking about this last night how without difficulties we would never experience joy. It’s kind of the same if we didn’t have the hardships or the times when people would not listen then we wouldn’t know how unique and satisfying it is to see these people progess and follow the lords path!

This past Sunday wasn’t as stressful as the others have been. For some reason the pews in the chapel were taken away so right now we are using those metal fold up chairs, kind of ghetto looking but its all good! We have our zone conference tomorrow as well! Time truly does flow by fast!
Right now we are working with this lady called Yolanda. She´s this old tall grandma that always has something stressful going on in her life, but the last couple of times we´ve gone to teach her we´ve seen a big difference with her attitude about her difficulties and things that come up. It’s amazing to see such a difference, where she was at first with her negative attitude to now with feeling like she can face anything! She can hardly read cause she has bad eye sight, but we gave her this little calendar to read a page a day or one column in the book of mormon and she´s been faithful at it!

We also had this lady that we found recently that is from Peru! She is about in her early 50s and has a 5 year old girl. Her husband died a couple years ago and she´s living with her brother here. She is so sweet and seems like she was just ready to receive us! Our Heavenly Father truly does love us and wants the best for each one. Hna Lopez has been awesome as well! I’m sooo happy we have this other transfer together! haha she is truly an amazing missionary! I’m honored to be her companion and have our fun moments together! It is funny when we are walking down the street and a dog starts barking right by us or something happens that is startling, I will jump and gasp, then she will do the same from my reaction! Haha

Well I love you all and it sounded like you had a fun week! I’m excited for mom to go to Boston! Mrs. Hobbs on her history trip! haha. Have a good week and choose the right!

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