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Monday, March 29, 2010

A Fast Week!

Another week just as fast as the other one! We just ended this transfer with 3 baptisms! One was the little old guy and the other was these two ladies that we were teaching back with Hermana Roy!
We fasted this week just to end it off to achieve our goals and to have miracles. That next day is when we invited the mother and daughter to baptism this Sunday. Before we did they were even talking about how the elders before us had been pressuring them and they didn’t like that at all! Then probably five minutes later we asked them to be baptized on Sunday! hahaha. Just the perfect moment! The spirit was really strong and we could feel that they were ready. The mother was Evangelist and the daughter Catholic! It was a very special Sunday! The president came and everything!

That day as well we were looking for this little lady that Hermana Lopez and another Hermana found when we were on divisions. We went down this street thinking it was where she lived and stopped to ask these guys that were sitting out sipping their mate. One of them got up and was talking with us and we introduced who we were and made an appointment for later on in the week.... well later that night we were on the bus coming home and one of the guys that had been there on the bus with us came and sat behind us and was talking with us for a little bit. Then once we were getting closer to the stop he started to ask us a little more about the church and he was talking about his children. He said he had one in particular that was born premature and couldn’t walk really well. The father had taken him to all these other churches for help to see if they could do something but none of the things they did worked. Then he asked us if we had something or someone that could it was a perfect window to tell him about the priesthood and the power of it! Later on once we got his information he was telling us that the elders had always passed by his house and he never thought much of it... always having some excuse. He said today when we were there talking to his friend at his friend’s house he felt something different! ahhhh! He lives out of our area but we are definitely going to look around for those elders that are over there!

Here are some pictures from the baptism and Hermana Lopez and I are together another transfer woo hoo!!!!! I’m so happy here! I love that scripture in 2 nephi 11:4-7! This is such pure joy to see these people make these decisions that are going to change their lives for now and eternity and everyone else’s around them! I love the rippling affect the gospel brings. Ilove you all and have a wonderful week! TE AMO!!!!

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