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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The weeks are flying by!!!

March 8
Today is womens appreciation day!!!! ( like off of the office but its furREAL in Argentina!) What another crazy fast week that has gone by already! Yes mom I received the package finally!! I was able to make brownies for the members that have been helping us a bunch! So thank you thank you thank you!!!! We worked off with a great week of finding new people and just work work work! We had divisions with the sisters in our zone on Friday! It was fun to have a day with Hermana Di Stefano that is from Argentina but more south of here.

We´ve been having little miracles each day. I forgot to tell you all not this last week the week before we found this man in the park that was sitting alone. He looked pretty rough with tattoos and scars. We went up to him and started talking and getting to know him. He was telling us how alone he felt every night and just thought sometimes it would be nice to end this life. We were able to explain to him that he was never alone. Our savior is with him every step of the way and knew what he had gone through in his life. I was talking to him while Hermana Lopez was writing down a message for him in the book of mormon. Towards the end he seemed much better. He ran off to catch the bus but was telling us he was going to read the book every night! We might never see him again but I knew we were meant to meet him and I don’t know what will happen but I know we were there for a reason to help him along the way.

Last Monday we had gone to Moron... its a bigger city next to ours with tons of stores and restaurants. We were looking around after lunch at all the little booths out. There’s a couple booths that these black guys were selling big rings and jewelry. We stopped and talked with one of them ( Hermana Lopez, the two sisters in our zone and I) and were chatting with them trying on the rings. One of the guys was named Cessi and he has been here for about 2 years. He was telling about his rough life and that he came here alone from Africa and didn’t know any Castillano! He told us he could speak french so we told him we would get a book of mormon in french. Then by the end he had all given us free rings because we were out serving god.

We are coming along good with our baptisms. We´ve had some challenges come up with the family that has a date. But we are working hard for them to get there. We also are working with another to get married... I had talked about them awhile back in Feb and we´ve started to work with them more. Hermana Lopez is amazing that way! She just has a way to get these people to listen and work with what we have - to perform miracles! We haven’t put any dates yet with others but this week we´re hoping to!
Every Sunday I feel like a chicken with its head off running in circles! That’s really the day of miracles trying to search for all those who want to come to church.

It will almost be 6months that I’ve been on the missioN!!!! Hermana Lopez and I are definitely going to do something for our 6 month mark! Ahaha maybe a kilo of icecream. I’m so happy for Sam and how he´s getting ready for his missioN! ahhh tampico!
But everything is coming along great! I’m going to be sad when I leave this area cause I truly have grown to love the people. This Sunday one of the girls that we first baptized in this ward got up and gave a beautiful testimony of our savior. It was a satisfying feeling to see this 12 year old say that she knew her savior lived and that he is our redeemer. I hope I can make difference in the lives here and just help them along the way to feel that they are loved and that there is hope in this life! I love you all and have a wonderful week!

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  1. There are so few times in my life that I have ever felt so much gratitude for the mercies and blessings of our Heavenly Father than when I read about the experiences that our daughters are sharing together in Argentina. They both look so beautiful and seem so happy. I am so thankful to you for sharing the stories and thoughts of Saren through her blog.