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Monday, March 22, 2010

More this week!

Sorry i didn’t write too much to you all last week. We had a little Hermanas conference/party in moron.
But this week started off rainy and ended rainy, the middle of the day was nice and sunny. Today was freezing in the morning. So I would say its starting to feel more towards the fall then the spring.. ahha we will have a cold easter! I used my raincoat yesterday so it was perfect. We were anxious to get in our warm beds last night. This week we had a couple of days of divisions with the Hermanas in our zone! Hermana Hulen was with me in Castelar. she made homemade popcorn for us on the first night. It made me think of dad and our movie nights with popcorn and mom making the orange julius... I need to search to see if they have the frozen juice to make that here! This morning I attempted to make chocolate pancakes with nesquik! haha they weren’t too bad! I’ve come to love making pancakes.

This week was pretty good with our investigators! We are working with this cute little old man named Juan. I’m sure Hermana Lopez has written a lot about him. She and Hna di Stefano found him when we were in divisions awhile ago. He laughs a lot... its like teaching a little kid. We are simple with our lessons, but you can always tell when the spirit is strong cause he gets a little teary eyed. Especially when we sing, pray, or his daughter bears her testimony.

We are also working with this mother and daughter who are great! The mom is like in her 70s and the daughter is in her 50s. They came to stake conference yesterday. Which was great as well! I I love the people here and the language.. its beautiful! haha. They gave some great talks and the choir sang. Our president came and gave a talk with his wife... he announced that they were moving their location to here in Castelar!! Afterwards he gave us a ride cause it was pouring outside and showed us their new house.
He also said that he thinks Hermana Lopez and I are going to be together one more traslado! We have three new sisters coming in and hopefully a mini one cause we have 4 sisters that are leaving. The mini is when the local young kids from like 18 to 25 can come serve for 1 traslado. It’s a good idea cause then they get an idea of what the mission is like!

I love being here not only in my area but just in Agentina and experiencing everything... its been a big eye opener to get to know others and to push all my fears out and truly trust in the lord! I pray I can do all of that I’m able to do for Him. Cause He has done so much for us! Just like in doctrine and covenants 14:7! The greatest gifts of god is eternal life! Happiness does not come from making short cuts and skipping something... no. it’s from fulfilling what we promised our Heavenly Father when we all accepted The Plan before this life on earth! This life is to reach true and pure happiness. Our heavenly father doesn’t set us up to be failing but to reach the highest.
well i love you all and have a great week!

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