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Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1, 2010

Oh your emails are like gold to me!!! I love to hear how great you are all doing! I can´t believe we are already in our week 2 this transfer! This week we even had more success. It’s actually been the best week I’ve ever had with reaching our goals and spreading forth the gospel! Tearing it up! The earthquake didn’t hit any of us here, but one of the new converts was having a hard time thinking its the end of the world. haha. I guess we really are in the latter days! But we can always trust in our Savior when we stand in holy places. Stand our ground in all the torments and storms that Satan throws at us.

We didn’t receive mail last week cause the office had a their zone conference but tomorrow I’m pretty sure I’ll be receiving the package! I sure hope so! I’ts been a hectic week from working every second we have! We never have time to relax until we hit the bed, but I love it... I love being busy and working with Hermana Lopez! She truly has a way to get people to listen to her and share what we have! I didn’t know our time to serve was going to be so soon in the mission! We are preparing the Rodriguez family for baptism not this week but the next. The husband got called into work yesterday and we came to search for them and none of them were home yesterday. So tonight we have another FHE with them at one of the counselors home! Next week we´re going to make sure they come to church. Last week we were helping some kids with English for their essays to start school today... weird huh. They had their summer vacation and now they start back today!

Tomorrow we have our big zone conference in the mission office. I sent off a letter today for you to send to Sarah for me from the pouch mail! I’ts kinda sad this week we have found a lot of people that would be ready for baptism but they need to be married first... I didn’t realize that would be such a problem but its common here where they live together have kids but no marriage.

Yesterday our gospels principles class was amazing! The teacher gave a good lesson on prophets in the church... and how to this day our prophet sees God and is visited by angels like in the old testaments. I was thinking this while I was looking at the cover with King Benjamin in the Liahona awhile ago how he was visited by the angel in the night! That is just another testimony how our prophet’s words are truly the words from our dear heavenly father. Not from his own thinking but from God. It is amazing how those words and teachings become so much more precious and meaningful in our daily lives when we truly give heed and act on them.

Thank you my family for everything! It sounds like all of you become more and more successful in your daily activities when I read your emails. It helps me to know that you are all doing great and are happy. I love you all! TE AMO MONTONASO!!!

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