September 2009-April 2011

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We didnt get 200 baptisms this transfer but we did get two hundred and ONE!!!! yaya! thats exciting isnt it! And yes Josefa and her cute little husband Fransisco were baptized on the 26th which ended up being their anniversary too!!! oh it was such a special day. We were really nervous at the beginning of the week cause we had some problems but it all worked out in the end. we felt so blessed.. their daughter came to support them and now she wants to get baptized too.. she has suffered a lot in her life with her husband leaving her and her children getting into problems.. but Josefa and Fransisco are going to be very blessed in their home. They have another daughter that lives there too with her sons and husband so its a full house!!

We are not having transfer meetings anymore.. now they are just calling the night before and telling us to come to Ramos if we are changing.. which we are together thankfully again and yes it is my last transfer here.... all the missionaries that are leaving are called pastores.. But now we will be having a little zone conference to see what are the goals for the transfer and they are filming the testimonies of all the hermanas and elders that just barely left.. so i will be doing that before i leave...

Hermana Daniels is leaving today to her house and will there by tomorrow! I have been so deeply blessed with having amazing companions that have taught so many things.. Hermana Danes has been great too. I'm so proud of her! We have Marta who is slowly stopping smoking.. we bought her the nicotine gum and suckers to help her but in the end she ended up getting an infection in her molars and now she has to get her teeth all pullen out.. oops. we felt so horrible but she was very understanding and we helped get her kids ready for school. they started the school year again today.

Well I love you all so very much and thank you for all your help and love! have a great week and i hope Heston and Maisie will feel better!! and find a date to prom Jake.

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