September 2009-April 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 7

Hey family!
Wow this week went by so fast. we ended it off pretty good! We had a huge barbeque on Thursday with the familia Laporte (who are my by far favorite family here in Bonzi) We have about 80 to 90 people in attendance here it's officially a ward now thanks to Guillermo being baptized and a full tithe payer now.. he is amazing. He wants to show up at our door in the states someday to watch conference live. We gave talks in the ward about the importance of serving a mission for all the youth.. that was very special. I probably wont be back home in time for general conference.. i think its the week before I get home. Tell Hermana Daniels that I love her so much and that Tomas is still in the house! haha.

This week was nice! There was a baptism in the other ward so Marta and some of her kids came to watch it! the day before we had a haircutting party and while I was cutting the 16 year olds hair Estefania she was talking about how she has been reading the book of mormon and loves it! She loves the story of Nephi and how his family was like families today with the same problems.. she is going to get baptized before I leave. We also had a noche de hogar earlier on in the week with a family from the villa. Amada is the mom and a member. She has some kids that aren't members including her 25 year old son. He came to church on Sunday for the first time and got to hear his mom's testimony. He used to be huge into drugs and drinking but after she got baptized back in Oct he stopped and started working! Amada is an amazing woman so humble but yet so strong in the gospel, her grandchildren are teaching her how to read. I truly feel so blessed to be a part of the lives of these great people. The Lord has His time for everyone.

Hermana danes and i colored our hair.. mine looks pretty much black and hers is really red! haha its fun. it was a holiday so nothing was open. Well I love you all and hope you have a great week!!

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