September 2009-April 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011

3 Week countdown!

Hola familia!!!
We are sending mail early this morning cause we are heading out to Ituzaingo and Ramos today!!! yay!! I’m going to be visiting all the families it will be fun to see them! This week was kind of sad with Marta and her kids. We had a fun night with them and the zone leaders came as well. They have been coming lately in all the different areas to help the whole zone out, to help us meet our goals that every area in the mission can have baptisms- all for one and one for all!!! So they came and we played this oreo game and ended the night with all of them committing to coming to church on Sunday.. however we showed up with all the pancake mix on Sunday morning and none of them were home. Marta had left with some of her children to go out and help her other daughter.. soo that was a very devastating.. however the daughter of Josefa and Fransisco came to church and absolutely loved it! She wants to be a missionary.. haha. which she can be! She just needs to quit her job cause it is not a good place for her to be!

Last week I forgot to tell you that Guillermo, the guy with one leg, blessed the sacrament and it was amazing and he gave a talk in church! He gave it on honesty and how we must be honest today as members of the church! i loved it we were so proud of him. It is so rewarding to see the progression of the new converts and with the help of the holy ghost!
well I love you all and hope you have a great week!
I sure hope there is snow left to get in a day of snowboarding!

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