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Monday, January 24, 2011

January 24

We had an awesome start this transfer with Guillermo and Hector who were baptized on Saturday! I was so nervous to start out this week training and planning the baptisms.. the bishop has been on vacation too..but it all worked out in the end. I was so grateful. It's very humbling to train.
So it was Hector who was a contact from a long time ago with Hermana Scott and Guillermo was a contact last transfer! I'm not a fan of doing contacts but the lord seems to bless us when we open our mouths.. haha. i like that. Guillermo patted us on the back and said good job for dragging me here. haha. It was a great baptism on Saturday, they both were very excited and there was a special spirit.

My comp's name is Hermana Danes from IDAHO!! from a little town called Nampa... she was studying music at BYU I. Im so proud of her! she has been doing great, always smiling and having a good attitude about everything. She is improving on the language everyday.. starting to understand a little more each time if she doesn't understand something we have the people repeat whatever they say a little slower- unless its bad then I tell her dont talk to them.. hahaha. like the guys who always love to make comments of girls in skirts - i dont know why..

I like Bonzi.. I'm happy I finally got to be here. Hermana Danes is refreshing, she has helped me remember how it was at the very beginning of the mission! fresh out of the mtc with so much ecxitement! I absolutely love it!
I feel comfortable with the area too... zi have felt more and more comfortable getting to know an area with all these changes. and the people always warn us where not to go!
Time is flying by too fast for me. but I feel like I'm taking full advantage of it.. there is still work to do.. plenty of it!! I love you all and have a great week of school! we are baking here in the sun but we are getting a nice tan line!!

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