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Monday, February 7, 2011

SuperBowl Sunday

Hola mi familia hobbs!
ANother week has come and gone... it was quite fun! During the week we found out how small the world really is especially with Archibald Gardner and all his wives!! Little did I know I have been walking with my long lost cousin the past couple of weeks here in Argentina. This is how it unfolded! On Tuesday night we were getting ready for bed and Hermana Danes brought up something about Mount of the Lord, how it wasn’t Wilford Woodruff that said something about the foundation but really Bishop Gardner! And I said ya ya I knew that too! and then the next thing she said ya he is my grandpa! hahaha.. so I told her he was mine too! Ask grandma Deona which one we come through? We got a big kick out of it cause a lot of people have asked if we are sisters or related.... haha in the end we are related! 5 generations back! haha.. how fun.

We had divisions with the Hermanas from our stake. We found this guy who is opening up a little kiosco and he was painting his floor. We asked him if we could help him and he let us! I put in all that practice that I had in the wood shop to use... then we have been working with this family of 11! We invited all the boys to come play soccer on Saturday so we picked them up to go. They are crazy boys.. we had like a parade of 5 of them with dogs all following us.. I felt like everyone was gawking at us thinking what are those girls doing with those wild boys! So we got to the church and they ended up not playing so we gave them a tour of the church and it was like night and day when they stepped in the church they all went silent and told us they felt something different inside. then we went back to their house and taught the whole family! it was quite fun. They need the gospel so much in their lives.. I keep imagining them all in white in the temple that they would be able to be sealed to their father... but all in the Lords time.

We have this cute old couple as well who are preparing to be baptized. They call us their angels when we come and visit them. Everything has been going good!! it hasn’t been as stressful as I thought it would be. Its been refreshing and I will be happy to leave all my things for Hermana Danes and just load my bags with Yerba and Mate cups! woohoo!

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