September 2009-April 2011

Monday, January 3, 2011


Weird its already 2011! I feel so old.. haha. We had a good week finding new people and having them come to church! We found this man outside of his apartment on Monday. He recently had his leg operated on because of diabetes so right now he is learning how to walking with his crutches. He used to go to the church universal but when he was recovering no one came to visit him. so we started to visit him through out the week and he came on Sunday! He used to be a cop and has three daughters but none of them visit him... only if they want money. sad i know. Then the other guy we have been focusing on is the one that I had contacted with Hermana Scott on divisions. Both of his eyes were horrible at the beginning of the week but towards the end they were getting better so he came to church as well! For new years we didn’t do anything special the elders forgot to inform us that we could be out til 10 eating at a members house or investigators but we were pretty tired that night. We were awakened from all the fireworks at midnight! There were tons.. I recorded some and then we went back to bed. haha. really the weather is like the month of July here on december. haha. and I actually just barely sent the discs today so hopefully you get them in a couple of weeks! Last week a member came and sprayed for the cockroaches that we have had... we have been getting high off of raid for the week so that’s been a highlight! Well I love you all and hope you have great goals for the year! Its always nice to start out fresh. We gave the principles class on Sunday and invited everyone to make goals on how to become closer to the lord.
have a great week!

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