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Monday, December 7, 2009

2 Weeks in Argentina

Hello my familia!!! so another week in argentine land with delicious food crazy people and a lot of rain! oh im loving every moment of it! so many stories this week! so we have been preparing three kids for baptism on hestons birthday with all the discussions... basically hna roy, from nicaragua, teaches the lessons.... or ill say something and she´ll translate it.. but its all good! im able to understand the people a little more! and the bishop (obispo) in our ward complemented on my testimony during sacrament that im sounding better! this sunday we had six investigators come to church!! how amazing is that... three of them were the children and then a family came as well that we´ve been teaching! it was amazing. oh and some inactive members as well that we´ve been visiting! i could have shouted for joy when i saw them show up! I truly just grow to love these people instantly! I love them all... even if they own 5 to 6 pets they keep in their homes and just have hard lives.
there is a couple walter and estela who are amazing people. Walter has some kind of sickness where his right arm and right leg dont work at all so Estela does everything. She works to take care of their kids cleans and takes care of her beloved husband. We taught them the plan of salvation last week and Estela broke down crying saying she tries her hardest in this life to do her best and how she is so overwhelmed. My heart just ached for this strong woman who does everything for her family. Walter started crying as well and we comforted them with some scriptures and our testimonies. We are preparing them for 26th of this month for baptism. We told them to pray about it! How amazing it is that the lord truly prepares these people to hear the gospel... a broken heart and a contrite spirit.
Hermana roy has been a riot getting to know! ... we have a pretty nice apartment with good beds and everything you need. We even have a balcony! we scarcely cook for ourselves! i actually cooked for the first time today some eggs! haha. We usually eat a little breakfast to tide us over til lunch and then we eat at a members house! We eat like three meals there and then when we´re done for the day we just have a little snack before bed. We walk everywhere we go! and sometimes take the bus (collectivo) and no i dont wash my own clothes we take them to a cleaning store and they clean them for us.. basically everything we need is right here! We live in castelar and are in the ituzaingo 4th ward.. we have some other elders in the 1st ward who are our district leaders and we meet with them every Tuesday! Tomorrow we´re meeting with some other zones and I'm supposed to bear my testimony... I'm a little bit nervous but who cares they were all at the point I'm at right now! My mission president is great! he´s so short and so is his wife but he´s so boisterous and full of power!
The other day i almost got bit by a dog! Nasty perros. They are all possessed by the devil. You wouldnt believe how many strays there are around here... especially on the outskirts of town! Saturdays and Sundays are the days that they blast their castillano music. it makes me want to dance.. haha.. but now im a missionary. Its discouraging at times with the language when I dont understand what is going on or how to express myself or even to help them! But I know through time it will come. I just need to open my mouth and put more effort into it! Know that I love you all and sounds like you are all doing great! I count my many blessings everday... all of you, the way we were raised, with goodly parents who want the best for us, in a clean loving environment, with food always on the table. haha we are so rich with things that are eternal and everlasting. remember what counts! our families. People come and go in this life but families are forever. They will love you always. This world is harsh and so are moments in it that we have. Thats why we have families to lean on them for support and comfort. I love you all! have a wonderful week!

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