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Monday, December 14, 2009

Tenga un Buen Semana!!!

Hola familia! once again this week has been crazy! haha with the language the people!! everything! My birthday came and went here.. it was pretty fun! That day we didn’t really have that many lessons. No one was home but at the end of the night we went to visit a family that have two daughters who are interested in the church! The father had made dinner and cake for my birthday! It was so fun and nice of them! They made this thin meat called milonesa! which is just basically deepfried and then with potatoes and egg salad. Then the cake was chocolate!! oh my favorite!hhahaha. I forgot about that mom til you mentioned it in your last email! It was very fun to be with this family and so nice of them!
I had my first zone conference this Tuesday as well with the president and his wife! It was all day long and we had milonesa ... seriously we eat it at least 4 times a week.. haha. im not complaining! They talked about how we can improve in some areas and new goals for the mission. I really enjoyed it! Our baptism on Saturday was amazing! I love baptisms especially these three children who we´ve been working with from the beginning of our time here! The spirit was so strong every time one of them was immersed in water. Then they received the gift of the holy ghost on Sunday. An elder who had taught them once before us (one of my zone leaders) was the one to baptize them! I cut the hair of all three of them before!
Oh and every week we have like a newspaper type of thing for the missionaries of buenos aires west and every week they do a spotlight on one couple and their success so this week it was ours! I will forward it to you! its all in spanish... i wrote it first in english.. then tried to in castillano then hna roy corrected some of it as well!
Every Sunday we have a crazy busy day with meetings and making sure our investigators show up and all that good stuff. When the people say hi to each other they love to give kisses on the sides of the cheeks.. so you have to watch out for those old ladies who love to have their bright pink lipstick! I learned that though after many kisses on the cheek and one of the men from the bishopric asked if I had something on my cheek. haha
oh and I will be getting to call you either on the 24th or the 25th from our chapel!
Tomorrow I have an interview with the president - exciting! The language is coming along slowly... I guess right now Im just learning to be patient with myself its not all going to come at once!
Oh and did I tell you we are hoping to have 2 other baptisms on the 26th of this month. The couple Estela and Walter!
and yes mom the skirt is perfect for here! nice and cool for the heat of the day! i have a great tan line from my watch already.. The other day I was telling Hermana Roy something and she was like that is a malo chiste meaning a bad joke and then she asked how to say bad joke in english. then today she called something else a bad joke but instead of joke she said yoke! haha... it made me think thats probably what I sound like to these people! haha.. Today I went on a short exchange with another hermana to the capital for some pictures and some information on being here. We got to catch up with the elders I had traveled with here! It was fun talking to them and hearing all their stories they already have from one week here! Ut made me feel much better they were having some of the same struggles I was with the language and the people. Cause it is hard. I didnt realize how it would be! But it was comforting to know I wasnt the only one struggling. It shouldnt be easy. Cause the most amazing blessings in our lives are the ones we have to work the hardest for! Hermana roy has so much patience for me! haha... sometimes she has to repeat a couple of times of what she says to me cause she has such a heavy accent.. its been fun! We laugh together about some little thing everyday. i love you all and be good!

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