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Monday, October 11, 2010

Dia de Diez

We had our dia de diez yesterday and I will never forget it! Six baptisms!!! I cant even explain to you how blessed we were this week with all the miracles that happened!

So last week when I was talking about the familia Escobar all the kids were wanting to be baptized and the wife was too. One of the boys, the oldest (Jonathon) wanted to wait for our mission leader to come back from his trip to baptize him cause he was going to be his "godfather" oh ya and I’m a godmother now! haha of Sasha the oldest girl. I don’t really know what I am supposed to do? Anyways we were still hoping for the whole family to get baptized yesterday so we had stopped by during the week with our mission leader and his wife to talk about the plan of happiness and temples, that it is our goal to be sealed to our families. Then the night after, (Tuesday) we stopped by with the assistants. Alejandro, the dad, was still indecisive about the decision. Aldana, the mom, wanted to but she wanted to wait for her husband so he wouldn’t be alone being baptized when that day came. After we left they stayed up all night talking about it. The next morning we were working and we got a phone call from Aldana saying they all wanted to be baptized on the 10th!! We went over that night with the bishop and it was amazing how Alejandro had changed he was so excited to be baptized! They were all excited so we got them all prepared and ready for Sunday! It was a lot of work but so sooo worth it. I am so happy for them.I can’t even express how I feel. It was a beautiful Sunday! The last to be baptized was Sasha and for some reason the water started draining so she had to be baptized I believe 5 times. haha. but she was a good sport! She was the first family member to make the decision to be baptized then one by one they all started to grow the desire! On the 8th was the birthday of Michelle the smallest and she turned 8 that day and Sasha´s birthday was on the 10th as well! Look how the lord works in mysterious ways!

We have some other great people we have been working with. Matias who came to church yesterday and stopped smoking for three days now! Maria Angelica who was baptized about three months ago has been bringing a new friend to church every week. haha she loves to talk to everyone she can about how she feels so good and happy!
I’m going to miss this ward so much. There are families here that have been so helpful so loving, I have one more full week here to take advantage! Hermana Godfrey... she is an amazing missionary! Well I love you all my family! The church is true!

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  1. I'm going to apartments in Buenos Aires with my family and maybe we can be baptized... we have to find out where.