September 2009-April 2011

Monday, February 15, 2010

!!!Dia de Amor!!!

Hola mi familia!!!
So we had transfers today! We had a goal to make this transfer one to push the records and it was! Our goal for baptisms was 200 and we had 195! How great was that. I also had divisions with Hermana Daniels this week, the same area last time! She was awesome to work with for the day! Hopefully a transfer in the future as well! What a crazy week getting Hermana Roy all packed off and away in the campo... which is out in the middle of nowhere! I am here in Ituzaingo once again with Hermana... duh da duh da... LOPEZ!! How exciting is that! Now we have our opportunity to serve together on the mission! haha... hopefully she can be patient with my Castillano. She is awesome I’m so excited to start of with her. We had our baptism yesterday on Sunday! Her name is Chiquita. I probably talked about her before. She was excited to be baptized and learn more the gospel. We also had our sacrament meeting as missionary work and I gave a talk! yep! All in castillano and it wasn’t bad at all.
Thats exciting about Logan Storey getting home. It’s crazy how the time flies by here every little moment counts. This is the Lord’s time and his people. Well I love you all my family and I’m always excited to hear from your experiences! Hopefully Sam will have his call by next week! Have a wonderful week in the month of love! Use all the languages of love to make it known!!

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  1. I can't begin to tell you how excited we are that our daughter, Sasha (Hermana López), will be serving with your daughter in Ituzaingó! That's just fantastic and we hope they become life-long friends. Shaun & Paqui Zimmerman-López