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Monday, July 19, 2010

Rain again!!!

Oh it sounds like you had a wonderful week with everything! I love those parts from Tuckers talk. I didn’t recognize Jake with Jacee!! he´s huge!! and cut his hair... how crazy!! and maisie is as gorgeous as ever! I love my crazy family.. haha. This week flew by fast! At the beginning we had a conference for the whole mission. They were announcing some changes that will take place so that we may focus more on the work and that the president will be more involved in leaving and teaching with the elders. We will be having our zone conferences every other transfer and so will our interviews with president Benton.

That same day we found two boys that were recently baptized with Hermana Gurr and Hermana Carrasco in Haedo, but now they live in our area. Their parents are not members and they have a little brother so we are excited to start working with them as well!
We had a great baptism of Alejandro on Saturday! He had chosen our mission leader Emmanuel to baptize him cause he is in charge of filling up the water as well... Alejandro wanted to be for sure that he wasn’t going to have freezing cold water like his wife! haha He received the gift of the holy ghost on Sunday and Maria was able to fill the spirit strongly. Then he had us over for this delicious pasta. He makes the noodles homemade and the salsa... We found a frame in the street last week so we sanded it down and put shoe shine on it to make it all shiny. Then it was all ready for a picture of Christ. It was our gift for the family of Alejandro! He received the Aaronic priesthood as well and now is preparing to baptize his two sons next week!

We have postponed Maria´s baptism for this Sunday! She has loved the church so much and we want to set a date with her little grandson that lives with her! It is amazing to me how these people are just so prepared to have the missing pieces of the gospel revealed to them in the fullest! This weekend ended with a lot of rain.. its raining today as well.
I love you all and hope you have a great safe week! Tomorrow is el dia del amigo here! and happy 24th of july!!

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