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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hola Familia

Happy July!!
We had a week of divisions with Aldo Bonzi... again! ahaha. But Hermana Lewis came here and my comp there! It was fun to have a day full with her, she´s from Arizona and it was different actually talking in English with someone! haha.. weird. The next day was full of experiences. The morning my comp and I helped with a wedding in the ward of this family that we´ve grown to love. I did the hair of the bride and Hermana Salazar made this cute bouquet of flowers made out of the ribbon fabric. It was so cute! They had a little civil wedding but it was special to be a part of it. The family is all members but some of them were inactive for awhile, however they have all been coming to church!

Later that night we were able to find this lady that we contacted last transfer who received the elders in another area where she lived with her daughter for some time. We found out that she was to the point of baptism with these elders but she couldn’t because she wasn’t married to her spouse. Her husband died1 and a half years ago... and we had an amazing lesson about the plan of salvation. So we invited her to baptism and she was so excited and said she was grateful for a second opportunity! Her and her grandson that lives with her came to church on Sunday and she will be baptized this Saturday with Alejandro, who is amazing just as well! He has been faithful and not smoking and loves the church.. he always participates in the class. Last week he had a dream that he was with our mission leader saying a prayer with his hands upon the child’s head... he asked us what it meant and we told him it is because he is preparing to receive the priesthood. They are an amazing family. This past Sunday I was thinking of what I heard this week in our zone conference that we work hard and some day we may all be together again and enjoy those blessings of all our hard work in the eternities. I am blessed to be here to help them in their first steps of growing testimonies and following the path of our savior, that they may have those sweet rich blessings that I have had in my life. Sometimes its difficult to see that with the little things we do each day turn into great and wonderful things, but once I look ahead and remember it gives me faith and hope to move on. We should never doubt the lord and what he has sent for us to do. Through our prophet, leaders, parents, loved ones, Wthat his parents were able to find a rest home for his grandma! so they were able to have a calm weekend.. so we have big plans to pass for her this week and help her. Thank you for praying for her! We had a great zone conference week with new ideas to help our investigators.. on Tues we have a special conference as well to help improve everything on the mission! love you all!!

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