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Monday, June 7, 2010

Visiting authority

I'm so happy to hear that everything was wonderful with grandpa's funeral and. He was truly a great man and a hero in many eyes as well as mine. I know he is right with me thrusting his spiritual sickle with mine and shedding forth miracles.

We truly had an amazing week and ended it off amazing! On Tuesday in the afternoon we had a conference with Elder Aidukaitis of the seventy. He came and taught us many great things! I left with my mind and my heart really open to what we could improve and work on! Especially about faith! He is a great man and talked to me a little bit afterwards about grandpa.

Then on Thursday we were trying to put some dates with different investigators but the lessons were not quite what we planned.. we ended the night a little frustrated and sad. But I kept thinking the weekend is not over! We are going to get dates and have baptisms cause this is God's work not ours! And Friday we did! We put a date with the mother thats been having a hard time coming to church and she came on Sunday! So her date is for this Sunday thats next! Then the other is another lady that I was talking to you about with her husband who didn't want anything to do with us but it was her birthday on Saturday and she told us she wanted to be baptized!! whooo whooo! So her date is the 20th. We are hoping to put some dates with her son's cause they all came yesterday... its amazing how the lord works through his little missionaries. Both of the ladies that have fechas received blessings after church cause both are going through some difficulties, but it was exactly what they needed. The spirit was so strong and so powerful. It truly is the authority that christ had when he went out performing miracles and healing the sick.

Oh thank you dad. I love your letters always. I can feel your love and your voice through them. I am so grateful for the gospel and here on the mission there is nothing compared to the sweet miracles and mercy of our dear heavenly father, how he does love us unconditionally and pours down those blessings, just by our simple willingness to obey and follow His Son our Savior. And His perfect plan. This experience I will never forget and what happened with grandpa. How I can be right here in the service and help others have the peace and comfort that I have. THank you dad for everything you have given me and how your work time and love has shaped me into who I am. I love my badge that some may have a hard time saying Hobbs well actually everyone hahha, but im proud of who I am. I love you dad so much and pray for you all. have a great week! and wish Maisie happy birthday and congrats to Heston and his victory in baseball! haha!

Well i cant write too much more today... we are kinda short on time but I love you all and have fun on your trip mom! That is so exciting and on an historical adventure! Send me some pictures!ª

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