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Monday, June 28, 2010

Ciudad de Famoso Ramos!!

Oh it is crazy how time flies by and everything that changes! It was a great week full of miracles here and there. It is amazing how diligence and obedience make such a difference in the work here. Even the smallest little rules make such a difference and what we are really working for. We had a meeting about how we are the ones that put the goals and show if we are searching for those who are ready to be baptized and the importance of praying for this in every prayer. We didn’t have a baptism on Sunday but the ones we have been struggling with like the mother of Lucas has her date set for next Sunday and has stopped smoking for a week. Last night we had one of the members of the bishopric come and bless their house. Most of the family was there and it was so spiritual, he blessed each person that was there individually. Before he started the blessing he explained about the priesthood and a little more of the restoration cause there were some brothers of Lucas that we have never been able to teach or were kind of cold with us and one of Lucas´ friends was there as well. While waiting for the bus afterwards we talked with him about what he had thought of the blessing and the church he started saying he wanted to change his life. His grandpa just recently passed away and his family is falling apart he smokes a lot cause he gets so discouraged... he is Jake’s age. I was able to talk to him about grandpa and the plan of salvation and baptism. He was crying and I was as well it made me think of Jake and how it would be so hard for a 16 year old to go through such difficulties.

Earlier this week the husband of Beatriz has decreased his smoking a LOT!! Last week President Benton gave us money to buy him the nicotine gum and when we went in to the pharmacy there was some other gum called chicle laxante and so before I took a moment to think what laxante meant I asked my comp what is chicle laxante with a voice that everyone could hear in the small store and she replied with a big grin its what you need to go.... hahahha my face went bright red from the realization of what it was... oops

Yesterday the whole family came to church and Beatriz received the gift of the holy ghost. The mother of Lucas came as well and another investigator.... who is eternal... haha but he hasn’t attended for a long time.
So last night we invited Alejandro to be prepared on the 17 of July for his baptism and the next week he will be able to baptize his two boys! This family is so amazing!! I can’t get over how prepared they were to receive the gospel in their lives... They are all like little children after each Sunday wanting to share what they each learned....ya Alejandro has his challenge with smoking but he has shown us his willingness to stop and nothing is impossible with the lord! It truly is amazing to see these people change and start to be enlightened with the truth in their lives... the view becomes clear of why we are here and what we are doing with our lives as - clear as daytime!

Sam will set up his email in the MTC... it’s one of the first things he will do when he goes! Good luck with everything Sam! Do what I said and you will be happy... hahaha. I love you all and have a great week saying your farewells to your future Spanish speaking Hobbs! Hey Sam, Argentina recently won Mexico in the Copa Mundial!!! woo hoo!

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