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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Nov. 13th

Oh my favorite family ever!!!!
I hope you are all doing great! it sounds like it! this week has been kinda crazy... wedbnsday we got to host the new missionaries again! i love showing them around and just telling them how amazing this place really is! yesterday was an amazing busy day too! each day i get closer and closer to leaving this place!! crazy!!! anyways we called geraldine, the lady in the rc, and she committed to being baptized! it was so exciting!!! she has been taking the missionary discussions and we were telling her this was going to be one of the last times we call her. and then we've been teaching two other progressing investigators yesterday and the lessons went really well! it truly does pay off to pray hard and to work hard like grandpa put that night. i love being busy and knowing it is all for my father in heaven!! oh and guess what came today!!!?!?!?!?
FLIGHT PLANSS!! i leave on the 23rd of this month. my flight leaves at 12:10pm and then we'll be getting in dallas at 3:45pm then leaving dallas at 7:35pm and arriving in buenos aires at 10:05am.... and the elders were telling me that ill prob get to call you all during my time at the dallas airport!! that would be exciting!!!
oh i am scared out of my mind to think i'll be there in 10 days!!! im actuall doing really good with the language... im starting to notice i remember words a lot easier ( maybe it will help my memory storing abilities) but im sure it will totally different once we get off the airport! this last sunday my companions and i gave a lesson on the book of mormon and how important it is in missionary work! i gave my shpill on how you should use it when teaching! can i just say i love this book! and this is pathetic that its taken me almost 22 years to truly love this book and appreciate what it holds for us!
and we can use it so many ways in our lives today! just with likining it to ourselves or trying to feel what the prophet or the people at that time were going through. it reminds me of hollands talk on the sunday conference this fall! i loved. oh and dont you love the picture on the ensign this month of king benjamin! i love king benjamin... that is us every fall and spring pitching up our tents to hear the wonderful words the prophet, thomas s. monson, has for us! i love you all so very much!

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