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Sunday, November 8, 2009

What a great place this is!! so not only did i get to see sarah i got to be her host and show her around!! how exciting is that! when i was waiting in line with all the host sisters i saw her pull up with her family! it took everything in me not to scream and run up to her! gotta remember quiet dignity and all that good stuff! so when she was done crying and hugging her family a million times she walked up to me and it was really amazing. and we also have all the food times, gym, and most of the meetings together so ill get to see her everyday! and our p days are the same!
oh and before that i got to host a good friend of mine from logan as well! her name is kelly goulding and she was in my ward all last school year! i didnt even know she was coming on a mission. she'll be going to the oakland temple mission! and next week i get to host again! and ill probably get my flight plans and everything else!
and thanks for those genealogy stories! i loved that one about merriner merrill cause just the other day i was talking with one of the elders about that story! so i was excited to tell him it was my grandfather! we truly have such rich blood in these veins! im proud to be a hobbs and a hancock. i love you all so dearly and thank you for writing me. i love getting letters and hearing how great you all are doing.
we have this progressing investigator in the tec... one of the teaching buildings. his name is bobby jameson and his story is that he has a wife and two girls and he's from new jersey. his father died about two years ago and has been struggling with it. he was raised catholic but wasnt too religious. we first taught him how families can be together forever through the atonement of jesus christ. when we were teaching him, i truly felt the spirit just guided us to teach to his needs.
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  1. Saren, I can't believe you're shipping out so soon! I thought you'd be there till December. It sounds like you're loving the MTC. Our prayers are with you for your needed blessings and safety. We love you, Brian and Jill Hobbs and family