September 2009-April 2011

Friday, April 8, 2011

Saren's last letter!!

We had a good weekend of many people that came and watched conference! We watched it both in English and Spanish.. one of our investigators, Graciela, turned to me and said this man is talking directly to me! hahah it was at the beginning of Elder Utchdorf´s talk! I just thought how would it be to listen to these men for the first time in my life! I love how the spìrit works and testifies of the truth. It’s all so perfect. As long as we are open and have a desire right? We also had Marcelo who we have been teaching English to come.. he’s the one from another religion that is a preacher and he loved it as well! He said the men talked about good things from god and they were right about many things. haha of course they are! All the missionaries loved how Dallin H Oaks dropped the cain on all the mormon bachelors. haha. im going to miss working with the elders.

We also are preparing Marta for her baptism this end of the weekend. Amada the lady that lives in the villa wants to build up a little room on top of her little shack for me to live and you guys can come visit me when you want in the villa. Hermana Daniels wrote me the other day as well! It was nice to hear from her! I was thinking to myself I don’t need to be scared when I get home, the lord will always be there for me he always has been. I just need to trust in him and everything will come into place! I love you all and hope you study those talks that were given just barely. I love the church so much and I have loved the joy it brings into others lives, I will miss my mission more than anything.

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