September 2009-April 2011

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hola la familia Hoobb! as Alejandro would say without any teeth.. haha

This week was amazing to start off with, we have been working with some great people here. On Thursday we were walking down a street in our area when this lady came up to us and asked us for directions in Ramos Mejia cause she had been before with a friend. She said she had tried to find it on her own but never could so we gave her the direction and told her we could pass by the next day and that this Saturday there was an activity for the primary so she said she would talk with her kids.
The next day we went and ate with a family Hna Salerno, the primary president- side note with them... they use to live in Ogden with the Westergards in Far West! small world! She was telling us that we needed to tell her for sure how many kids that weren't members were coming to the activity. So we decided we would visit the woman on Friday. We went and met her four kids and taught them all together the plan of salvation... after she wanted us to come back later to meet her husband.. so we did! she and the kids came to the activity on Saturday and loved it!!! She was telling us she has been looking for where she needs to be with god and that she wants the same for her family. She saw how blessed her friend was that had brought her to church so she knew quite a bit already about some things! Tomorrow night we have a family home evening with them!

We have another guy that came a long time to church. He just showed up one Sunday cause the elders contacted him at the bus stop. He said he had an uncle who was a member. We set up a time to meet with him but he never came... we didn't have his address or cel. but two weeks ago we found him at the bus stop again and got his number so we have been teaching him as well! He has such great questions about life and what he needs to do to draw closer to our father in heaven!

This week really was amazing. I am so happy I'm working with Hermana Godfrey! She will be finishing the mission in December! hahaha. I dont know if I said she is from Pennsylvania and was studying music before... she did a lot in opera shows and all that good stuff! It reminds me of our opera night in Logan! ahaha.
It is crazy how this week went by so fast. We are all preparing for the general conference and getting plans ready for Oct 10, 2010. the president wants every ward to have a baptism that day in our mission!! UN DIA DE DIEZ!!!!!
Well I love you all and hope you have a great week!!!!

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