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Monday, August 9, 2010

A New Week

SO!! i have my little mini missionary with me! she is from Hurlingham, it is in the stake! Originally she was going to be in her own ward with Hermana Scott but we changed it! She's 19 years old and comes from a family of 4! She´s a good little worker and really helps me out! I am so grateful for the companions i have had! We had a great week to start out with and I'm excited to work with her this transfer! She served a mini mission in Mercedes... and now in the big city of Ramos! so she will be with me here for 5 weeks! We have some great investigators and some new ones! We have this man from the street that has come a couple of times to church so far. and he loves it! He told us he feels so loved and exactly where our heavenly father wants him to be.

I am in an amazing ward with tons of help from the bishop and the members, I can talk enough Spanish to find the bus we need... soo we are all good! hahaha. We are very blessed, where much has been given much is required.
The grandma of Lucas passed away last Sunday, the one they recently found a place for. we went and visited them on Wed and thats when we found out. We had the Liahona with us with the talk that President Monson gave about the resurrection in the Sunday session. I was able to bear my testimony to them about how special it is to me to know the plan that heavenly father has for us. Marisa was crying with me... then on Saturday we went with our mission leader to visit them... I think this is what we have been praying for them to prepare to receive the gospel in their home.

I am grateful to be here... no matter if most of the people tell us no in the streets. when we find that person who is looking for the truth everything is worth it! I just marvel every time we visit Beatriz and Alejandro! he is going to be the secretary in the young men! I have learned a lot here the importance is that we do look forward with faith in the lord and in the future. Mistakes we make are there to build us up and to learn from them!

It sounds like you all have had a great summer! Is the sweet corn on that is one treat I do miss..
I love you all and have a great week! Keep sending the emails from Sam, I love reading them!

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