September 2009-April 2011

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hola mi familia!
Otro se mana que tuve sido bueno!!! le amo mucho! yo se que el evangelio es verdadero! trae felizidad en mi vida tambien ustedes! gracias por todo cartas! yo he recibi todo!!! anyways! there’s some spanish for ya’ll! this week has been great!! guess who came and spoke to us on tues??? not the prophet but it was an apostle! L. tom perry!! it was amazing! we sang lead kindly light and then his wife spoke and then he did! did you know this is his second wife? he talked about missionary work and how it is the life-blood of the church. and that missionary work started before the church was even established. on sunday we had an interesting talk too... some guy from the mtc presidency. he talked about how heavenly father has planned everything so perfectly with the position of the earth and how it was created. he also talked about the sun and that researchers are coming up with new information where right in the middle of the sun is the coldest place! and that it absorbs energy from somewhere else. you should look at that abraham symbol thing in the pearl of great price where one of the things talk about how the sun gets its energy from kolob! how amazing is that!
thats another testimony in itself how the book of mormon is so true. that is was a simple plow boy who translated such a deep doctrinal book. it had been buried for 1400 years before it was touched again by man. i didnt know it was that long. oh i wish you could all just be here listening and learning everything i have!! this place just opens up your mind to a another understanding of the gospel. here we’re learning how to simplify it for those who have never heard it, but for ourselves it gets deeper and deeper each day! i love it. I encourage you all to read the book of mormon every day. I truly regret those times i was lazy or too tired. there is so much to learn! and that’s why we are here. to obtain everything! we are so blessed to be born when it is at it’s fullest! it truly is! we don’t have to worry about a temple being built or the doctrine in covenants being printed off.. it is so conveniant that its all placed in front of us. the temple is just 20 minutes away from our house. take advantage of it! whether it is endowments or baptisms. go as a family!! and it will just bless your lives more fully! stop making excuses. i know i did all the time. take advantage of it where others have died and traveled to complete these prophesys! oh and you all should watch this video clip on its called lifting burdens. its on the main page! good clip definitely!
im so excited for sarah to get here! im going to be a host that day... so i’ll be doing what those elders did for me the first day i got here! maybe by some miracle i’ll be her host!!!
oh ya and we’ve been teaching in spanish this whole week! its so crazy how much we’ve learned. but there is still much to learn. i guess in argentina they say sho instead of yo.. and like elllo is pronounced esho. maisie can explain that one to you!
.... weird that its halloween tomorrow. im waiting to open the salsa tomorrow and share it with everyone! we’ve been getting all this candy in our district so we’re going to have our own little halloween party! oh i’ve been meaning to tell you that my district leader looks like austin powers.. he has the teeth and the glasses!! haha if only he had the accent.
always remember who you are and where you come from! i love you all and have a happy halloween!! write me all about it!!!

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